Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tough working conditions

Today Todd went to the Fairway Technologies office in La Jolla to work. I tagged along and worked from there, because I had a 5:00 am conference call and I wasn't going into my office anyways. It was clear there! Well, after the "May Gray" burned off. So I walked into their conference room and this was the view! How cool is that? Ocean view office space. I could get used to that! Brett, the CEO of Fairway, is very cool and very nice. He wears shorts and sandals to work, and brings his dog sometimes. Oh, and I wrote and drew on the picture with a Wacom tablet that Todd's friend Jessica gave me. She has a newer and bigger one, so she gave this one to me. (She's so nice!) We had lunch at Aloha Sushi & Hawaiian Grille on Fay Street, within walking distance from the Fairway office. Our lunch was kinda small, so later on in the afternoon Todd and I walked to Porkyland and had a carnitas taco. Then we walked down to the Living Room and shared a piece of chocolate cake. Yum! I felt a little piggish but I'll burn it off by running tomorrow.

After we came home, I got the two CD's I ordered in the mail.

Sheryl Crow's "Wildflower", and Scissor Sisters' "Ta-Dah". Both of these will be great listen-to-in-the-car CD's and I'm looking forward to listening to them.

The first track on "Ta-Dah" is "I Don't Feel Like Dancing", but tell me if you feel like dancing or not when you hear the song!


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