Friday, May 18, 2007

Snow N Surf

Credits: template by Pattie Knox; Winter Surf papers by Kellie Mize; brown kraft paper by Katie Pertiet (all avail at Designer Digitals)

I scanned in some more negatives from Feb-2002. We had decided to do what we think you could only do in SoCal, which is to go snowboarding in the morning and then surfing in the afternoon. The round photo is from the morning snowboarding at Mountain High. Then in the afternoon we drove back down and surfed in Carlsbad. Cool and unique experience. Since it was February, the water was very cold and we were SO glad for our wetsuits!

The AAA magazine for Southern California did a story and photo shoot of us. Click here to see it.


  1. wow you guys are crazy - it must have been so cold in the water!!! the AAA link doesn't work. oh wait, oh did i just fall for a blopper? oh man i am so gullible.
    i love your pics though, and all the tinkering you did in "life before digital". william gets so worked up sometimes "it's not fair, anyone can do it these days! it is cheating!!! it's not true unless it is done in a darkroom!"
    ha ha...

  2. correction: digital work to put pictures into other stuff is OK.

    digital touch up to change around the colors, contrast, etc is what i meant by taking short cuts!

    where's the waves? hahaha :)

  3. i'm gonna have to disagree, ha ha. digital manipulation of photos falls into the "art" category for me. i'm making life art, therefore digital is simply a medium for it. it's not a "shortcut", it's just a medium of self-expression.

  4. that's a bit like saying art generated by digital medium isn't art... or that music generated by electronic instruments isn't music. have to disagree with both. my two cents.

  5. i agree with you :). it still takes a good eye to know what to do with the tools. it may make it easier than sitting in a dark room, but if a person has no idea what to dodge&burn or crop, it won't do them any good. like saying anyone can be annie lebowitz with a digital camera and computer. ha ha... yeah right. :)

  6. yes, catherine, what you said is what i'm trying to convey. it's not true that EVERYONE can do it. the tools we use, well, they're simply tools. you still have to know how to use them artistically.

  7. what i meant was..if you watch Lord of the Rings' commentary, they'll show you what they did with "digital color enhancements."

    Where they made the green more green and skies more blue to make it pretty. I suppose that's the way things are in Hollywood starting from way back (those old movies colors are way bright, the yellow brick road was very yellow). So that's artistry that you're referring to then yeah I have no issues. Even Ansel Adams burned & dodged his black and white photos to make them more dramatic.

    Short cuts with digital means you no longer have to spend hours perfecting the art of burning & dodging in the darkroom. You select an area and hit a button and if you don't like it...ctrl-Z to undo. This is "cheating" in that technology has made it easier...but it does still take a good sense of composition to get a good picture to look great so there is artistry behind it.

    All I'm saying is desktop gave people the power to do many more things on an amateur level...and that's's simply a matter of taste and in art (as in music)...everyone has their own preferences.

    for me, as Catherine knowns, I'm more into the "moment" when a photograph is taken and I'm in the camp where you print the whole frame (without cropping etc etc) but I do allow for doding & burning to fix some areas of the photo. Beyond that sort of manipulation then it no longer interests me...because then you're moving into digital art (as listgirl has described) which is not of interest to me. :)

    There I think I've qualified my statement as translated by Catherine.


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