Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunday Is Funday

As everyone knows, Sunday is Funday!  Well, at least the last few weeks it has been.  We have been getting together with Dejah and Roby for Sunday night dinner and viewing of HBO's "Game of Thrones" series.  Todd had read the books and loved them, so we started subscribing to HBO just to watch this show.

This past Sunday (5/29), Dejah and Roby came earlier so that Dejah could give me some sewing lessons! I was pretty excited. I had purchased a Brother CS6000i at Walmart.com when they had a big sale, plus I had a gift card, so I didn't pay very much for it. However, the sewing machine sat in the box for months, because I was intimidated by it, and also because I was busy with other things. The third reason I haven't used the sewing machine was because my craft studio was a mess and I didn't have a viable working surface. Now that I'm all set up and organized in my craft studio, let the sewing fun commence! :)

My birthday gift from Dejah was a personal sewing lesson, so I finally took her up on it on Sunday. She has the exact same sewing machine, so she taught me everything I needed to know to get started.

We pinned and cut the fabric.

Hey, that's me! Sewing! I was very excited.

Dejah is multi-talented. Besides the sewing lesson, she brought some green beans over to make a tasty Asian green bean dish.

Todd made Thai Style Chicken with Basil, a recipe we saw on Americas Test Kitchen. This is the second time we've made it. It's SO delicious!  Plus, this was my first taste of meat after a whole week of Meatless Week!

If you want the recipe, click over and register at Americas Test Kitchen for free so you can see the recipe. Better hurry because only the current season is free!

Dinner was awesome, so was the company.

Todd made dessert as well. This was "Berry Fool" and it's pretty labor-intensive and you have to make it ahead of time and let it chill for two hours.

This is also an Americas Test Kitchen recipe, so if you're interested, don't wait to register there and get it.

Happy eaters.

After dinner and dessert, we moved on over to the family room for "Game of Thrones". Some major characters died. Nobody is safe from the power plays! Another Sunday evening with Dejah and Roby turned out yummy, PLUS I know how to use my sewing machine now! Look for a first project soon as my New 52 next week!


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