Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jane Lui at Belly Up

Tonight we went to Souplantation for dinner, mainly because it's fast and also because it is Meatless Week here at the Newman household.

After dinner, we went to Belly Up to see Jane Lui play and sing her music. Todd has been a fan of Jane's since we saw her and Jason play music together back in 2003. Jane has a phenomenal voice and it's a joy to see her hone her craft on stage.

I've mostly seen Jane play by herself, so it was a treat to see the rest of the band as well.

Jane also played a few songs solo with just the piano.

After Jane, Michael Tiernan took the stage with his band and that was quite fun as well.

The funnest part of the night is that we met Sally at Belly Up, so we got to hang out AND enjoy some local live music!

Sally likes to squeeze me.

After the show, we stepped outside and saw Jane doing a video. So we caught a couple of photos with her.

Overall it was a really fun Wednesday night out. I like Jane and her music, but I especially like her because she reminds me of my sister in her mannerisms and the way she laughs. :)


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