Sunday, May 1, 2011

Almost Perfect, Again

My cousin Bertha, the writer and director of the film "Almost Perfect", invited us to see the film at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on Saturday. We had already seen the premiere of the movie in San Francisco in March. But this time it was in LA and it's closer, so we decided to go again. So after visiting my dad, we drove an hour to West Hollywood.

Along the way, we drove on Sunset Blvd. and saw Hollywood High.

The film festival was at the Director's Guild of America on Sunset.

We found Bertha right away when we arrived.

I don't think I've ever seen her twice in one year before, except for when we were kids and lived in Taipei. So this was a treat! However, since Bertha is the director, writer, filmmaker, she was very busy and sought after at the festival. It was still so good to see her and to see the buzz that the film is generating.

Todd got to take a photo and chat with Christina Chang. She is in the cast of "Almost Perfect". She also went to high school with my cousin. She's been in shows like "24", "Private Practice", "Brothers & Sisters", "The Mentalist", "CSI Miami", "No Ordinary Family", etc.

We also saw Will Yun Lee and Kristy Wu, who were in Bertha's first feature film, "Face". Kristy also makes a cameo appearance in "Almost Perfect".

I actually really enjoyed seeing the movie again. This print wasn't as dark and looked better than when we saw it at the Clay Theatre in San Francisco. I cried at the end of the movie again, even though I already saw it once and knew the plot, LOL. I guess that's good filmmaking! :)

After the movie, Bertha and some of the cast/crew had a Q & A session with the audience.

After the movie, Bertha invited us to XIV Restaurant for tapas with the cast and crew, but we were too tired to go. It was 8:30PM already and we had a two hour drive home. So we said goodbye to Bertha and headed home. We found out that Sunset Blvd. is the LONGEST street ever! We must have driven on it for 20 minutes, through UCLA, Beverly Hills, and Bel Air, before we found the 405 South freeway entrance. By then we were really hungry, so we stopped by In-N-Out Burger in Lawndale to grab a bite. Two hours later, we were finally home! We had a long day with lots of driving, but we also got to see my dad and Bertha, so it was a full and tiring, but great day.


  1. How cool to drive down Sunset Blvd and past all those iconic locations! Happy you got to meet up with your cousin again & I often think films are as good, if not better than the 1st time round!

  2. hi listgirl- sorry for the tardiness in my reply. i have not had the same problem with the tapes- my favorites are mt and marks brands. i have ordered from cutetape before and didn't have any issues, although i don't often write on them. and yes, washi tape should be fairly nice to photos and such- so sorry you're having this issue!

  3. Wow, hollywood high, and to be among the "stars" for the night.


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