Sunday, May 22, 2011

He Can Ride 66 Miles

Blog post title to be sung to the tune of Sammy Hagar's "I Can't Drive... 55"! :p

Todd had been training for the San Diego Century Ride for quite a few months now. Every weekend he's been riding his long bike rides (40-60 miles), with another two rides during the week. So the day finally came yesterday (Saturday 5/21) for his 66 mile race!

The route goes from the coast, making a couple of loops inland, then finishes at the coast.

The day before, Todd went to pick up his race number and swag bag. He found out there was no official timing in this race, because it's actually not a "race" but a "tour". That's okay, he's got his bike Garmin GPS that his parents gave him for his birthday, so he could just rely on that for his time and mileage. Friday night we went to Macaroni Grill so Todd could "carbo-load". 66 miles is a long ways to go!

I have been eating along with Todd, acting like I have been exercising as much as he has been. I'm sort of glad his training is over, from that aspect. Maybe I'll eat less now, LOL.

Todd's friend Pete came to pick Todd up at 6:45AM for the race. Pete rode in the 37 mile tour. I spent the morning scrapping Project Life pages. Then I pulled out my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD and did Level 1 for the first time in months. I want to get back to doing this DVD regularly for a while, but man is it tough when you haven't been doing it! My body hurts everywhere today, but it's a good hurt! After my workout, I got an email from Todd via Glympse that he was about 13 miles away from mile 47 on the route, which came by our house. After some calculating, I had enough time to shower and get ready and then walk down the street to catch some photos of Todd riding by.

Glympse sure was a huge help! I walked out there about three minutes before I saw the "Orange Blur" in the distance.

There he is! Todd stopped for a cookie-eating break.

Then off he went again.

I went back into the house and did my hair and makeup, then I drove Todd's Outback to the finish line so I could take photos of him crossing the line. Guess what? We got there at the SAME time! Todd watched me get into position with my camera, then he rode across the finish to victory! 66 miles!

Receiving the finisher's medal.

I'm so proud, sniff!

Todd finished in 4 hours and 4 minutes. What a great time, and it was faster than he thought he'd be!

The race organizers gave him a $5 voucher for some food, so he got the kettle corn. Of course!

We loaded the bike into the Outback, then Todd changed clothes and we headed to Fish Market for some well-deserved sourdough bread and fish for Todd (he burned over 2,000 calories), and some less-well-deserved lobster BLT for me (I burned 250 calories).

Yum yum fresh sourdough bread!

And a refreshing diet Coke.

Fresh grilled halibut.

Lobster BLT.

Now that Todd has accomplished the 66 mile bike ride, I wonder what his new goal will be next? I sure wish I can exercise as much as he does and be in as good a shape as he's in. Sometimes I wish I didn't have so many hobbies that take up so much of my free time, so I could exercise more. But I try my best.


  1. Way to go Todd! Amazing race. I can't wait to see what he picks next.

  2. Awww Congrats to Todd! That's an amazing accomplishment!

    P.S. I'm in love with kettle corn. And halibut. Only notsomuch with the exercising. I do have to say Christine, that you and Todd inspire me to Move. Thank you! ♥

  3. good thin that todd wore an orange shirt, must make it easier to spot him. What an awesome ride!


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