Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friend or Foe?

Noodle has had a couple of interesting visitors lately. First there's this whitish tiger-striped cat.

He comes into our backyard and riles up Noodle by staring at him through the window. Noodle gets a big puffy tail and growls in a deep noise at this white tiger-striped cat. I don't think Noodle likes to be stared at. Noodle feels taunted by this cat.

Then there's this orange visitor to the backyard last week.

Noodle did not growl at this cat. He seemed interested in this cat and wags his tail and paws at the window at orange cat.

So is white tiger cat foe, and orange tiger cat friend? Who knows what's going on in Noodle's social circle? Hmm...

This morning I caught some photos of Noodle playing with his little mouse with the bean inside that makes noise. Noodle loves this toy and has already destroyed two mice, this is his third mouse.

He also loves to play with brown packaging paper. He loves pouncing on the paper and rustle in it for the noises.

We had to take Noodle to the vet on Monday, because we noticed that he wasn't putting weight on his right paw. The vet said Noodle is very active (tell us about it!) and probably bruised his paw while playing and chasing. So we've had to close Noodle up in our guest room for a few days to limit his activities so his right paw can get better. Poor Noodle. He loves to play. Hopefully he'll recover soon.


  1. Hahaha, maybe the ginger (orange) cat is a kitty cat & Noodle's found himself a girl ;-) ... tee-hee!!! Ooooh, and maybe the white tiger-stripe is the orange kitty-cat's fella ... maybe Noddle's "the other" cat in the relationship!!! Bwuahahahaha ... maybe my imagination is getting the better of me!

  2. That Noodle is a popular cat. LOL


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