Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dad's Garden

Yesterday morning we drove up to my dad's house in LA County for a brief visit. My dad will be traveling to Asia for a few weeks, so I wanted to get a visit in before he leaves. I hadn't seen him and Shelly since mid-February!

Shelly treated us to a new Indian restaurant. They have a lunch time buffet and the food was yummy!

After lunch we went to a bakery and picked up some snacks for later. Todd got a boba milk tea, his favorite.

Then we went back to my dad's house. He showed us all the flowers he planted in the garden. He's quite the flower gardener. He's got a huge variety of roses, along with other flowers as well. They are all blooming right now and so pretty!

This cactus plant is flowering right now. Its flowers are as big as a person's head!

It was great to see my dad and to hang out a little bit and chat.  He got a new little Canon camera that he's taking with him to Asia.  Guess who always helps him download his photos from the camera to his computer?  Me!  I'll be excited to see his photos from his trip when he comes back.


  1. Your dad has such a beautiful garden Christine, does he fancy a trip over to England to work his magic on my flowerbeds???

  2. Beautiful flowers. I love that big one.

  3. Christine, you always blog about Indian food and that always make me crave them. There is a new Indian restaurant down the street from me and I've been wanting to try it. Maybe this weekend? I hope your dad has a safe and enjoyable travel. My parents just returned from a 3 week cruise/tour of SE Asia.


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