Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Project Life | April 30 - May 13, 2011

I completed two weeks of Project Life this past weekend, using my new craft island! I loved being able to spread my photos and supplies out on the big work surface. :)

I took these photos in a hurry and they were not the best quality or lighting, but here they are. At least they're done.

April 30th to May 6th

We went up to LA to visit my dad, and to attend my cousin Bertha's movie "Almost Perfect" at the Director's Guild of America.

I had four extra photos this week related to the Asian Food Club outing at Yakyudori, so it was perfect to put all of those photos into these photo sleeves that I already had from a long time ago. Two on each side. There's little slots on the sides to stick little notes into, so I did.

I stapled a little tab I punched out using my McGill mini tab punch and stamped the date on there.

This was the week when I first tried eating steel-cut oats for breakfast.  It was also the week that we made chicken nachos for Cinco de Mayo, which we then dubbed "Cinco de Nacho".  :D  I stuck the tickets to my cousin's movie into one of the 4x6 sleeves.

May 7th to May 13th

We went running at Miramar Lake after a long time of not going.  Totally great.  We also made Chicken Schwarma for the Sunday "Game of Thrones" night viewing with Roby and Dejah.

Noodle's orange cat friend came to visit.  I had breakfast with my BFF Meera, on a weekday even! 

I had a slot open after all the journaling was finished, so I took a blank grid journaling card and just stuck some punched out flowers on it for decoration.

I'm still printing my photos at home weekly using my Canon Pixma MP620 printer and Canon Glossy Plus II 4x6 photo papers.  They look really great!  I did, however, make a big order of about 125 prints from Snapfish, for all the photos from January to March for my Project Life album.  (Now I just need to get to the journaling!  Good thing I can refer back to my blog, or else I probably wouldn't be able to remember the details from even a few months ago!)  I would have to say that I'm not too pleased with Snapfish.  In several of the photos, they cut off people's heads.  If you take photos with a point-and-shoot camera (like my Canon SD850 IS) or with your phone, you will notice that the aspect ratio is not 4x6.  (Our DSLR Canon T2i does take photos in 4x6 aspect ratio though.)  Therefore, when you go get them printed, some parts will be cropped off.  At (which is btw is my favorite now for when I don't print at home), after you upload all your photos, it warns you which photos are NOT in 4x6 aspect ratio so you can DO THE CROPPING YOURSELF in their online tool.  It works really great and that way you're the one deciding on the crop and not the Costco photo machine or the technician.  There is no such tool at  Therefore, a few heads were cut off.  If I didn't have a gift card to use up at Snapfish, I would not have gotten them printed there.  When I print at home, I crop the non-4x6 photos in Photoshop myself and save them into my To_Print folder.

I have some links below to some awesome Project Life inspiration from other scrapbookers this week.  Can't wait to do a couple more weeks of pages this weekend!

Project Life Inspiration:
Marcy Penner: Project Life | Week 16 & 17 (Lately she's one of my favorite scrapbookers to get inspiration from. I love her simple yet decorated pages.)
Jennifer Alfonso: PL april update
Ali Edwards: Project Life | Week Twenty
Becky Higgins: documenting life heals - such a touching way to scrapbook and remember the good moments amidst an illness.

Even though the 2011 editions of the Project Life kits have sold out, you do NOT need the kit to do Project Life! All you need are a 12x12 D-ring album and some page protectors with configurations that you like the best. You can use any papers/journaling tags for journaling. So far it's been a great experience for me. It's especially sweet when I catch Todd leafing through it and smiling. :)


  1. Christine, I've never been a fan of snapfish either. I like Costco for their one hour service and cheap prices. I do like persnickity prints for my 8x8. I wonder how their 4x6 fair? Anyways, thanks for your inspiring project life updates.

  2. I love that you're doing this. It reminds me of when you did P365 and how much I enjoyed reading about all of your adventures.

  3. Christi - that's too funny. I actually put up MORE photos on my blog and have more detailed stories on my blog than my Project Life album. It's too costly to print that many photos out, and hand journaling means I can't talk as much. So you are not actually seeing anything in my Project Life album that you haven't already seen in more detail on the blog, LOL! :)

  4. Stopping by to say HI! I feel like I haven't been very 'vocal' with you lately. I'm still here. Just crazy busy. Have a nice Holiday Weekend! It won't stop raining here in MI and it's still COLD. Has been in the 50's. brrr...but they are saying 90's by tues. We'll see! Miss ya!


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