Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our House Has Never Been Cleaner

Today was big cleaning day at our house. We cleaned the bathrooms. I scrubbed our double shower. Todd vacuumed the whole house and it took him over an hour, because he went over each space 10 times! He had heard that it takes 14 passes of vacuuming to actually get the carpet clean each time, so he settled for 10, LOL. I had been having a lot of allergy problems so a deep vacuuming was in order. I washed our delicate clothes (mostly exercise clothes and others that can't be dried in the dryer), while Todd did loads of whites and colored laundry. Todd also dusted everything in our bedroom and took down our curtains and washed them. He also took photos of all the stuff we decluttered and are giving away to charity. (For tax purposes this is how we remember exactly what we gave away.) Phew, we worked hard, especially Todd!

Noodle enjoyed watching us clean the house, from the safety of the stairs.

Todd also mopped our tile floors. And unfortunately I didn't pay enough attention that the floors were wet, and attempted to run upstairs from our office downstairs. I slipped on the tiles and tried to regain my balance, but I just couldn't. So I fell and banged up my right knee.

This doesn't even look that bad... it looks worse now, it's all purple. It doesn't hurt that bad though. I iced it right after the slip and fall.

Later in the late afternoon, we decided to take a walk on the coast. My knee actually didn't hurt while walking at all. We walked a couple of miles, and then we went to dinner at Bongiornos. Since we're still in Meatless Week, I had a salad and an artichoke pizza.

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  1. You're welcome to come clean my house anytime. LOL

    Your bruise looks horrible.


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