Sunday, May 22, 2011

Digi Dares Sponsor

Whew! I took Thursday and Friday off work, and I got a lot of relaxing and sleeping in. But not a whole lot of things got checked off my to-do list, unfortunately. I'm sort of sad that it's Sunday night already and my 4-day weekend is over. However, I'm taking this coming up Friday off and making it another 4-day weekend, so I'm excited, yay! :)

Just a short note to let you know that I am sponsoring The Digi Dares this week! Click over to the Digi Dare site and you can read a feature/Q&A about me, plus there's a 30% off coupon for my Mscraps store! If you participate in the Dare this week and your layout gets picked, you will win a $10 gift card to my Mscraps store, plus $10 gift cards from all the other sponsors this month! Coolio. Hope you will participate and scrap a page with the Digi Dares this week! I used to be a Darer and their challenges are AWESOME!


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