Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorable Monday

Yesterday morning Todd and I made ebelskivers for breakfast. I had purchased the ebelskiver mix from Williams Sonoma a while ago, but we kept forgetting to make them.

We put nutella in ours and it's just fluffy and delicious!

After breakfast and some chores, we went running at Miramar Lake. My knee was still swollen and bruised, but it was just on the surface and nothing hurt, so I decided I was good to go for a "wog". My friend Sally invented this term and I like it! A walk-jog is a "wog", LOL! I ended up "wogging" for about 40 minutes and went 3.17 miles. Not too bad! I'm happy for the calories burned because of the yummy food I was going to eat the rest of the day.

Miramar Lake was very pretty, and it was super sunny.

From up on the hill, I could see very far. On a super-clear day, I could see the ocean even.

After running, we went to Chile Peppers, our favorite Mexican place for lunch. It's very close to Miramar Lake, so we go there a lot after running.

Sally came over at 4pm for some crafting time! I had told her about my craft studio but she hadn't seen the craft table yet. We decided to make some cards. I'd have to say, crafting with a friend is fun! We chatted and listened to music, while making stuffs. Girlfriend time + crafting time = AWESOME!

I love the mess of all the supplies in the midst of crafting.

However, I ALSO love the clean table after everything is cleaned up and put back into their place, hee hee.

Sally also came for dinner, because what would Memorial Day and the unofficial start of summer be without a grill-out? :) Todd made Jamaican Jerk Burgers and I'd have to say, this is probably the BEST burgers we've ever made at home! So flavorful and delicious! I'm glad Meatless Week was over!

Sally made some homemade mac n cheese, and Todd also made a marinated carrot dish. YUM!

Last but not least, Sally made some gluten-free brownies and we ate them with ice cream.

Yea, see? I'm sure glad I went for a run in the morning! :D After dinner Sally chatted about her garden and all the vegetables that she's planted. I think owning a house with a backyard is perfect for her, because she loves to garden!

After a four-day weekend, I was sad on Monday night when it was over and it was time to go back to work. Funny how even a four-day weekend can fly by like that! BUT we got some exercise in, we cleaned the house top to bottom, we paid bills, we enjoyed great food, we hung out with awesome friends, and I learned to sew and did some crafts with friends. It really couldn't have been a better weekend, so I feel so blessed even though it's over. Yay for all these memories and fun!


  1. More crafts - MORE CRAFTS! And so easy when you come up with the great idea and I just get to play with it!!!

    And I want to try Elkshikers - or whatever - but only with Nutella, or maybe some butter and honey, or possibly some organic jam...mmmm

  2. Still coveting the craft table.

    And the hamburger.

    (btw, did you ever explain the purpose of meatless week?? :) )

    I'm taking your advice and spending the day scrapbooking and playing with my new SMASH stuffs. (all four kiddos are AWOL)

    So, here I go. Off to craft..all day..in a very quiet house. Sure hope I can concentrate. ;)


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