Friday, May 27, 2011

Let's Make It A Four Day Weekend

Todd and I took today off work, to extend the Memorial Day weekend into a four-day weekend. To celebrate that occasion, we went to The Original Pancake House for breakfast. Todd had never been there, whereas I went there with my friend Meera for breakfast a few weeks ago. At that time, I noticed that they have a big pancake and waffle menu, which makes it a breakfast place that Todd can tolerate. Otherwise, he doesn't eat eggs (hates them). So I told him about it, and today, on our day off, was the perfect day to try it out!

One of our favorite activities is to plan our weekends out. So Todd brought some colorful pens and a piece of paper, and we listed out all our chores, food planning, and fun activities.

Todd's cinnamon apple Belgian waffle came. Nom nom!

I got chocolate chip pancakes. These were SO good! So good that I saved two for breakfast tomorrow.

In the afternoon, we went to see the movie "Thor" in 3D. I decided to give 3D movies another try. The last time I tried watching a 3D movie was "Avatar", and I threw up from being dizzy. This time I brought my glasses and wore them under the 3D glasses. I still got uncomfortable but I was far from puking. I LOVED the movie! But then again I love blonde male superheroes... so Thor was easy to love. :) I can't want to see Captain America and also The Avengers!

When we got home, I got happy mail! My box of SMASH things came!

Noodle loves the SMASH stuff too. He wants to document his everyday life with it. :p

And just in case you haven't seen the SMASH video yet... now you can see why the whole scrapbooking community has gone bananas over these.


  1. I'm so jealous! I can't wait to see your progress with your smash book, please share.

  2. I love breakfast food. I just checked the website and we have one of those here in Denver. I'm going to see if I can get someone to go with me. Yum!


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