Sunday, May 22, 2011

We All Scream For Ice Cream

On Thursday (5/19), we went with Dejah and Roby to Moo Time Creamery on Coronado Island. Moo Time is my favorite ice cream store in San Diego. In fact there's really no competition in my mind. Moo Time is super creamy! And since Graeters in Cincinnati is thousands of miles away, I'll take Moo Time!

We bought a certificate for Moo Time for $2 a long time ago and never used it. Why not? Because you had to use it Monday-Friday and it was very difficult to find a time to get down to Coronado Island on a weekday. Also, we had to purchase $20 worth of ice cream, and that wasn't going to happen with just the two of us. We had to bring friends! Ice cream loving friends! Good thing we have some! :p

We went to dinner beforehand at Burger Lounge, because Dejah and Roby had NEVER gone to Burger Lounge before, and they have one of the best burgers in all of San Diego (grass-fed beef!). We also wanted to go because Todd had been holding on to a $25 gift card that he won on Twitter from a random drawing that Burger Lounge did for all their followers. Lucky Todd! All of this to say, except for gas, this was actually a cheap night out. :)

Even though we had hyped up Burger Lounge to Dejah and Roby, they still were very impressed with Burger Lounge! Both of them really enjoyed their burgers and french fries there. I love it when we introduce friends to one of our favorite food places and they love it too!

I actually had the salad in the above photos. I knew I was in for lots of ice cream later, so I had the salad. Burger Lounge salad actually is quite tasty and spectacular.

Moo Time was only two blocks of walking away. If you asked me, that's not enough walking between Burger Lounge and Moo Time, ha ha!

Happy smiles at Moo Time. I always told Todd that if I had to work at an eating place, I would choose ice cream. Because who can be grumpy going to eat ice cream??? Plus, it would not be hot in there during the summer, like it would be at a fast food counter.

After some calculating, $20 was still a stretch to spend on ice cream for four people. So I had to get the Big Moo, which was three scoops. :-|

Chocolate, peanut butter, and butter pecan.

I ended up eating about 60% of my ice cream, it was just too much! BUT I did discover the strategy of eating the ice cream in the middle and the bottom, where it wasn't melted yet. This pleased me a lot, because I hate melted ice cream, or even somewhat soft ice cream. What can I say, I like to CHEW on ice cream.

Todd got a big caramel ice cream milk shake.

Dejah got... hmm I forgot what ice cream she got. I was too busy eating mine already, because I hate melted ice cream.

We sat outside by the cow. The cow was actually quite light and you could move him around. I bet the employees have to lock him in when they close. I could just see some cow stealing heists involving teenagers.

The outing to Coronado was a great success. I took Thursday and Friday off work, so it was like a weekend already for me, which made it even more fun!


  1. I love ice cream! Yummy Yummy

  2. I love ice cream, and that looks amazing!

  3. My husband and I GPS'd Burder Lounge after a long day at the zoo with the kiddos. We were hungry and I suddenly remembered Listgirl and those burger pictures. Well... we couldn't find parking! We could have walked but one kid was asleep and we were truely starving. So we drove slow so I could smell it and see some lady eating two hands full of burger heaven. We ended up at the Burger King drive thru. NOT the same. Maybe some day!


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