Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Horses, Deceit, and Brownies

Sunday nights are "Game Of Thrones" nights now. We usually watch with Dejah and Roby, but sometimes we watch by ourselves. This past Sunday night (5/8), Roby and Dejah came over for dinner and the show.

We had spicy chicken shawarma, brown/wild rice, cucumber/tomato yogurt relish, and Todd made the best brownies EVER using the Chewy Brownies recipe from America's Test Kitchen.

These brownies have chunks of Ghirardelli chocolate in them!  The brownies needed to be cooled for TWO hours beforehand, so you have to make it in advance of wanting to eat it. So you can stare at it lovingly for a long time, like I did. :p

I don't have any photos of us watching the show this time. Dejah and Roby were starting to think we were weird for taking the "here we are, watching the show" pictures. I don't want to be weird. Well actually, yes I do. Maybe more photos next time then. :D

This episode of Game Of Thrones had a lot of horses and deceit.  The brownies are self-explanatory.  Thus the title of this blog post, LOL.


  1. LOL thanks for the blog title explanation ... I was beginning to wonder where the deceit & horses came into things!!!

  2. I can just smell and taste all that chocolate!


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