Thursday, September 3, 2009

Popcorn Party

Some of you may know that Todd eats popcorn for breakfast almost every day. It's his thing. He's been doing it ever since he started working after college. People know him as "that popcorn guy" wherever he worked. When he left departments, people would write on his goodbye card, "I'll miss the smell of popcorn in the morning". A few years ago, he converted from microwave popcorn to air-popped corn. So he even has an air-popper at work. Imagine his glee when his department purchased a popcorn machine from Costco, so that they could have afternoon popcorn parties. They even have all kinds of flavoring. Yea, they know how to party! Photobucket Well, you certainly have good suggestions and opinions about scrapbook albums & books.
  • Sylvie from France makes her own customized albums from scratch, since they don't sell large square albums where she lives. That's so creative! She also made me thankful that we have so many choices here in the U.S.
  • A lot of you don't mind the thickness of the D-ring albums because you can fit so many pages in there. Maybe once I have more pages in there I won't get as much "page droop"? (Thanks, Jennifer, for coining that term!)
  • Tracey asked if I've printed 12x12. Yes, I've been printing 12x12 the last two years. I have two thick 12x12 post-bound albums filled with pages from prior years. They look great, but are quite heavy to maneuver. Plus it's more expensive to print 12x12's. The large and heavy albums, plus the cost of printing 12x12 pages, are what drove me to my decision to begin printing my 2009 layouts in 8x8.
  • Carissa linked to some linen 8x8 D-ring albums by We Are Memory Makers. She ordered them but hasn't received them yet. Carissa, please come back and let me know how you like them, and if they're indeed 3-ring!
  • At least a couple of you had the same experience with Shutterfly books being too dark when printed. Heather suggested printing books with Blurb or Inkubook. She loves her 10x10 Inkubook. I will have to check out Inkubook since I wasn't familiar with them. I've talked about doing a Blurb book before for my blog book, and for my weekly Project 365 pages from this year. I'm many weeks behind, but that's another story!
Thanks for all your comments and feedback about this. It's what makes the digital scrapbooking community so great! :)


  1. I got a fabulous reply on Twitter yesterday, regarding "page droop" -

    "That sounds like something a Victoria's Secret underwire could tackle."

  2. Hi Christine! I do have the albums at home, I just haven't gotten any pages to put in them yet. Hopefully they will arrive next week and I can let you know how they hold up in the page protectors and such. The albums I liked to ARE 3 ringed, though, so that should help out with the sturdiness a good bit. Here are some pics:

  3. Thanks Carissa for the photos! The album looks awesome and seems a lot sturdier than the AC ones I got!

  4. You're welcome! I hope you can find one you like :)

  5. great shot of the popcorn machine! Your post and the discussion about the album and prints etc. is very interesting!!
    Sorry that I didn´t post there - but I haven´t got any know-how therefore


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