Thursday, September 24, 2009

Don't Turn Off The Lights

Who knew that Enrique Iglesias could be so wise?

My workplace has been turning off the overhead lighting on the hot days when the state of California declares a "power curtailment" day.  Which means power conservation between the hours of 11am - 6pm.  I am for power conservation, but the eye-strain gives me a headache every time.


So today when our facilities manager sent out an email survey asking if people preferred the lights on or off, I got really concerned. I know they aren't just asking for those days when we have power curtailment. They as asking about EVERYDAY. I find it unacceptable that they're even considering this. For those of us who sit far away from any windows with sunlight, it's really DARK when they turn the overhead lighting off. Plus the eye-strain and headaches for me. They saw the money they saved by shutting off the lights, and now they want to do it for everyday? I won't go for it. Plus, isn't "shutting off the lights" a metaphor for something else for a business? :|
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