Friday, September 11, 2009

I Remember

Today was 9/11 and I think all Americans remember where they were and what they were doing in 2001, when our country was attacked. Todd and I were just waking up. We were still at our old house up the street. I usually watch Good Morning America while getting ready for work, and for some reason Peter Jennings was on. It took me quite a few minutes to grasp the magnitude of what happened. Then we saw the first tower collapse. Then the second. I went to work in a state of shock. We watched the news on and off during the day in the conference room. I also remember that we had just purchased our current house, and we hadn't locked in the interest rate yet. The rates were unstable so I called the bank and locked in the rate. It will always be a sad day of tragedy and loss for our country. Todd actually worked in the World Trade Center for several weeks in 1998, at Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Fortunately all his former colleagues got out safely because they were in one of the lower floors. Here's Todd's old ID's to get into the World Trade Center elevators and into his company's floor. Photobucket Today Todd took the day off from work to clean up the house and get everything ready for our Grand-Reopening Party tomorrow. We're having some friends over for a post-remodeling celebration. So I worked from home, and we went to lunch at Dumpling Inn, our favorite Chinese restaurant. Photobucket For those who aren't familiar, dumplings and noodles are a regional specialty of northern China. I think I got my love of noodles and dumpling from my mom. Here's Todd with his favorite pot stickers. Photobucket I always get the shrimp dumplings so Todd wouldn't eat my food! Photobucket Then tonight we made a pesto caesar salad for dinner. Then Todd made rice krispie treats with pepitas and craisins for the party tomorrow. Photobucket


  1. 3,000 people that day..just gone. Most of them around our age. So many children that wouldn't see their mom or dad again...and all they did was go to work. Senseless.

    It still hurts my heart.

    Praying for your grand re-opening party to be a blast. Can't wait to see what y'all served.

  2. So tragic, on so many levels. Of course for the families that lost loved ones, but also for everyone that lost the trust in other people and the world.


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