Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nine Nine O Nine

Today is 9/9/09! And I'm posting this at 9:09pm! (I know, simple little things amuse me.) Photobucket After dinner today, we made the long trek to our next door neighbor Fred & Annie's house. Fred gave us a tutorial on how to use his coffee equipment for this Saturday. Fred roasts his own beans and has built his living room into a coffee bar. Since we'll be having desserts on Saturday, I hope I don't mess up the coffee. :| I scrapped for the first time in two weeks! Eeeek, I had no idea it had been that long. I wish there was more time during the day for me. It's hard to balance full-time work, exercising, reading, a spiritual life (however anemic it might be), and scrapping. Photobucket Click here for full credits. I used all Designs by Lili stuffs.
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