Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nine Nine O Nine

Today is 9/9/09! And I'm posting this at 9:09pm! (I know, simple little things amuse me.) Photobucket After dinner today, we made the long trek to our next door neighbor Fred & Annie's house. Fred gave us a tutorial on how to use his coffee equipment for this Saturday. Fred roasts his own beans and has built his living room into a coffee bar. Since we'll be having desserts on Saturday, I hope I don't mess up the coffee. :| I scrapped for the first time in two weeks! Eeeek, I had no idea it had been that long. I wish there was more time during the day for me. It's hard to balance full-time work, exercising, reading, a spiritual life (however anemic it might be), and scrapping. Photobucket Click here for full credits. I used all Designs by Lili stuffs.


  1. I thought about it earlier with all the nines coming up yesterday, but then completly forgott all about it during our nine o'clock coffee break at work. Glad you got to enjoy the moment! =)

    Fred's coffee bar is so cool! I guess he's making the most delicious coffee there.

  2. Don't you just love being married to a great guy?? I could write the same 10 reasons about my sweet husband, except for number 9 ;)
    (and number 4, he researches stock charts on the web instead of reading a lot of books..but the smart part is the same.)

    I think number 1 is the most important one in my house..I can be rather difficult at times.

    Have a great 9/10/09 kinda day!

  3. I completely forgot about 9/9/09 until mid morning when I read someone's blog so no documenting for me.

    I haven't scrapped in months and I've been missing it. I'm hoping to get inspired again soon.

    Loving the page you made today.


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