Monday, September 21, 2009

On-Going Photo Project


I have a long-term photo project that I've been working on sporadically. All my pre-digital photos are either in photo albums or in photo boxes. A few years ago I organized about 90% of my photo negatives and put them into archival sleeves which I keep in binders. Eventually I want to digitize all my old photos and catalog them and tag them in Adobe Lightroom. And I want to have photo albums organized in chronological fashion, by year. I want to get all my photos out of boxes and into albums. You can see that this will be a long-term project for me. I will be incorporating my parents' photos into this project too. Sadly, nobody in my family cares about the old photos as much as I do. My dad isn't very sentimental and is not big on attention to details. My sister doesn't get nostalgic and is too busy to care about it. So it's kind of just... me.

This weekend we found out something very sad on Facebook. One of Todd's high school friends, Wilson, died very suddenly while attending a wedding on the east coast. It's surreal to find out something like this on Facebook. Wilson lived in LA with his wife and kids. We hadn't seen them in a few years. He worked in the entertainment industry, as many people in LA do. Both Wilson and Todd were fans of the TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". When they came out with the musical episode, Todd loved it. Wilson worked at Fox, so he sent Todd a special copy of the DVD that wasn't for sale or distribution. We're shocked and sad that Wilson passed away so suddenly at such a young age. This is our third friend this year who died in their 30's. Wow.

This post is turning into a real downer. I'll lighten things up a little bit. I wanted to let you all know how much I've appreciated receiving your comments about my monthly templates. It's also very cool to hear from many of you who have "delurked" and introduced yourselves! :) Speaking of which, I received a question from Diane E (who delurked a while ago) about where do I keep my camera while running? Do I hold it in my hand? I wear a utility/hydration belt when I run. It looks like this.
You velcro it around your waist. The back of the belt can hold two 10 oz. water bottles. (Being hydrated on runs is VERY important!) There's also a little pouch where I keep my camera and my GU energy gels.  Here's the link to mine. They run small... mine is a medium and Todd wears a large.

Lastly, the perfect kit came along for my page about In-N-Out Burger.  It is a kit about Fall, but I found another use for it!  The kit is called "Love Fall", a collab between Designs by Lili and Michelle Filo (Mushy), out on Tuesday (or now!).

Click here for full credits.

PS - to "TooManyHobbies" - Todd says you can get the "trophy wife" t-shirt for your DH here at Cafe Press.


  1. Sylvie from France9/22/2009 2:37 AM

    Hi, I read yr post about yr old photos in boxes. I am doing the same with all my negatives and as I am luckier than you, my father (who's dead now) took a lot of slides which I also have scanned. I make digiscrap of my family (even with 19th pictures) and I'm gathering all what I can. So I imagine you must be proud to be the memory of yr family. I also take pictures each time I go to Paris (my birth place) to make a sort of Paris history along the years. GOOD LUCK with yr great project.

  2. You know how I feel about the burger layout... :D

    I, too, have this great plan for my non-digital photos. Unfortunately, it is the last item on my list because of all the school stuff I have to do. Maybe I'll tackle it during Christmas break...

    I've heard of this service that you can send all your photos to them and they will scan them in..but, I'm a little scared of mailing my photos.

    Have fun today..

  3. Hi Christine! So sorry for your loss, hugs!!!!!

    Lovely layout!!!

    I don't remember if I ever thanked you a while back for visiting my new blog. I'm just now coming up for air after a few weeks of deadlines. I appreciate so much your time and kindness! I hope you come by again!

  4. I'm sorry for your loss! Facebook sure is a source for information, and maybe it is with the time to also get far-away sad news this way. Strange, to me at least.

    Good luck with the old photos! I recently asked my mother to bring me her album from our 1981-trip to US. Unfortunately I was a little to young then to remember, but I love the photos. So I'm scanning a page now and then, and amaze at the magic auto-levels in PS does to the old pics. Any color-stick is removed, and they look like taken yesterday! :)

  5. I'm sorry to hear about you and Todd losing another friend. It's in those kind of moments that I find myself thanking God for the time I have been given here.

    I am totally admiring the organization of your photos. Sadly most of my printed photos are in old shoe boxes. I have learned to use an old, soft cloth baby diaper to gently wipe off each picture before I scan them since I'd noticed dust on the scanned images of the first BIG group of pictures I had scanned.

    You'd asked about my experience with Shutterfly and dark images... even though my monitor had been adjusted to have better contrast (and it was tough at first getting used to it seeming so dark) I do think that my photo book came out a bit darker than I expected.

    Also, many thanks for the latest monthly template :)

  6. fantastic page love your whole arrangement and the colors - I think the kit is worth to buy!

    great shot of your foto boxes - seems like a very long project


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