Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have spoken a couple of times now about my love of Coke. But a few other drinks make me jump out of my seat as well. Shall we list?
  1. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Raspberry Ceylon black tea. By far my favorite tea. This is a limited edition item (read: not available all the time.) But you can get it now and I recommend you stock up. I woefully ran out last time the stores stopped carrying it. That will not happen again - no it will not!
  2. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. Were he reading this, my coffee-aficionado neighbor would be shaking his head right now. A Starbucks drink among my favorites!? But the fact of the matter is I don't really like coffee - it's too bitter for me. But sugary-spicy drinks, that's another matter. This drink is only available in the fall and I love it.
  3. Swenson's California. (Only available in my home town of Akron, OH. I believe it's just grape juice and 7-Up, so it's not really that magical. But it's something unique to Akron that I enjoyed as a kid so it's special to me. I'll be back there in October and you can bet a trip to Swenson's is in order.
  4. HWA Tong Almond Drink. Let me tell you about a benefit to being related to people from a different country: you are exposed to some culinary gems that don't make the mainstream in your own part of the world. Listgirl's parents introduced me to this drink which is super yummy and smells fantastic. It is actually made from crushed almonds...and no other ingredients. But for some reason it tastes and smells better than the dozen other (!) almond drink powders I have tried. I hadn't had a cup in several months and something reminded me to whip it out today - it was as good as I remembered.
Photobucket Doesn't a cartoon-ized almond giving you the thumbs up just make you want to consume his pulverized peers? Now tell me gentle readers: do you think that Listgirl will sue me for copyright infringement since I wrote a list in this post? I am so nervous I've bitten my fingernails right off. At least I'm not a girl - most of the time. Hopefully that will keep me safe. You'll find out next week if I make it back...


  1. Great list Todd! I hope Listgirl is ok with it. =)

    I tried to think about my favorite drinks, but it is kind of hard. I'd love a cold, dry glass of champagne of course, but that is definitely not my everyday drink. Sparkling water isn't that bad either. We have a carbonator in the fridge door; I love it!

  2. It´s great to see a Todd list!! Sure it´s ok for listgirl... Or I´m wrong?

    sounds interesting the 100% almond drink never heard about it before!


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