Monday, September 7, 2009

Use the Force, Luke!

Today was about skywalking, sorta. But before we get to that, there's the run in the morning and funny story. Since we spent all Saturday watching college football on our couch, we didn't run with our running club. We were going to run yesterday morning, but I slept in too late and it got hot. So we went to Lake Miramar for a morning run/rollerblade today. Here's Todd all geared up. Photobucket I ran five miles in 55:57. Not as fast as a few weeks ago. But the temperature difference was at least 15 degrees higher than last time I ran five miles there, so I'm still very happy that I was able to run the five miles with an average pace of 11:11. The lake looked very pretty today. Photobucket People fishing on a dock. Photobucket Now comes the funny story that Todd told me later. Here's the convo. Todd: Did I tell you what happened to me today when I was rollerblading? Me: No. Todd: I totally got cougared! (At this point, I thought he ran into some cougars in the canyons there. This is not totally implausible, since there could be bobcats, coyotes, and what not in the canyons.) Me: huh? Todd: I was skating and these three middle-aged ladies were coming the other way, and one of them totally stared me up and down! (Now this is a little funny, because I think we're slightly approaching middle-aged, so just how old were these ladies who were checking out my husband?) Me: Really? That's so funny! What did they look like, and how old did they look like? Todd: Maybe 50ish? The one who stared at me the most had a facelifted face and a boob job. So there you go. My husband got "cougared" by some middle-aged, facelifted, boob-jobbed, jogging ladies. After exercising, we came home and showered. Then headed straight out to lunch because we were hungry. We had no idea where to go eat, but I looked in my San Diego Magazine (Best Of issue) and decided to eat at the Cliff Hanger Cafe at the Torrey Pines Gliderport. This is something I've wanted to check out for ages but never got around to it. Been living in San Diego for almost nine years and never been to the gliderport! So we sat there on the picnic bench, eating our delicious turkey & roast beef sandwiches on toasted sourdough bread, drinking our diet pepsi, eating our cheetos, and watching people take off with their paragliders. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket It was fantastic and so much more fun than we expected. The views were spectacular there on the cliffs perched over the ocean. The ocean was a deep blue and so was the sky. So perfect. And Todd really wants to do this sometime. It does look really fun! After we finished eating, we hiked to the other side to see more views of cliffs, ocean, and paragliding. Photobucket Photobucket It was very windy there. I imagine that's why the gliderport is located there. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Afterwards, we walked back to the main building and Todd checked out the glider rules and regulations, and what it takes to become certified to go on your own. Photobucket


  1. Of course Listgirl gets checked out all the time. It's novel for me.

  2. LOL, what a funny word, "cougared", and funny story!

    The paragliding seems so much fun. Just hanging there in the air must be fantastic. Hope you get to try it out sometimes! And the pictures are beautiful with the clear blue sky behind.

  3. About the cougar story...what did Todd think about these 'ladies'??

    Hilarious! Especially the physical description... :]8

    Love the gliding pictures...most of all, I love how y'all find super cool ways to spend time together.

    Happy Heather's husband said today on FB.."Tuesday, it's the new Monday" :D

  4. funny story you told about Todd and the middle-aged ladies!! LOL

    Stunning shots with the blue sky and the paragliders

  5. Gorgeous pictures, and Todd's story is hilarious!

  6. I so did not know what "cougared" meant!! thanks for keeping me up to date!! great story.

    The pictures are absolutely beautiful--love how blue the ocean is! I have to admit, it makes me a bit sad that I live in the midwest! LOL

  7. Never heard cougar used as a verb, but leave up to Todd to start a trend. Love the gliderport and now you've made me want to go back. Beautiful photos, Christine (as always).


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