Sunday, September 13, 2009

Five Miles Don't Offset the Calories

I made iced coffee this morning from party coffee leftovers last night. Photobucket I thought it was delicious, but of course Todd said, "more sugar and caramel would make it better". I went running at Lake Miramar before dinner today. It was actually a cloudy and cool day, so I felt very comfortable during my five mile run. I made it in 53:52. Average of 10:46 min/mile. Burned 500 calories. Not as fast as my 8/22 run there of 52:21, but I'll take it. The sad thing is, running for almost 54 minutes and burning 500 calories only burned off about two small chocolate cherry brownies. I probably ate four between yesterday and today. And all in all I ate a lot of stuff the last couple of days. Burning 500 calories is small potatoes. :| I guess the important thing is I'll keep on keeping on exercising regularly and try to eat more reasonably this week. Forty-eight hours of healthier-eating-fail does not ruin the whole thing.


  1. Mmm, iced coffee!

    You are so good with the running, the brownies don't stand a chance. =)

  2. The coffee looks yummy! And you are exactly right...don't beat yourself up. Just keep on truckin' with the running. You'll be fine!!


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