Friday, October 9, 2009

Veggie Haven

We went to Souplantation for dinner tonight.  Early even - kinda like elderly people do.  What can I say, Todd and I lead a wild-n-crazy life!


Souplantation makes you think you're eating healthy when you're there. Not so fast, my friend! They have lots of carbs there! All kinds of breads, muffins, pastas, desserts, etc. Case in point: Todd really went for this week's special Apple Cranberry Cobbler. :|

In other news... today I discovered my burger-loving self was featured on the Little Dreamer Designs blog! They didn't tell me, so it was quite a surprise. (Thanks Lisa for pointing it out to me too!) We have a new person on staff at LDD, Tracy, who is putting up regular blog posts with layouts, product features, CT features, challenges, etc. She's doing a fantastic job.


  1. congrats that your page was featured on the LDD blog. That´s great!! It was a really fantastic page!

    Great shot of the yummy veggies

  2. You're not fooling me...I know you'd rather be eating an In & Out burger than these veggies! :D

    Congrats on the LDD layouts..and I agree with Tracy, you do have a great sense of design. (I also agree that she has a really cool name.)

  3. I saw your layout at LDD earlier today. I loved that layout. Congrats on having it featured on the blog.

  4. Mmm...those veggies look yummy.

    And we always eat early. We're old people too.


  5. Congrats to the LO's at LDD! You really have a distinct style, and your LO's are always fun to watch.

    Looks like a yummy vegetable row!

  6. I love Souplantation (aka Sweet Tomatoes)... I can't wait til they come to my neck of the woods.


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