Monday, October 26, 2009


It's me, Todd. Yep, on Monday. Sometimes you just have to have a little spontaneous fun so here I am. I hope the surprise is not too shocking for you all and you are ready to virtually frolic, Todd-style. I snapped some good pictures today and that's why I took over posting duty tonight. After all, I've been promising better photos! And it will be spontaneous! And fun! Actually, now that I think of it, Listgirl is going to go off and have actual carefree fun while I write this blog post. But who's counting? For those who are wondering, this post will still be tagged "Tuesdays with Todd". No need to go overboard and ruin the alliteration. I'm sure everyone could agree that would not be spontaneous or fun. As I mentioned last time, my department planned a late Boss' day lunch for today. (Boss' day was a week and a half ago.) We're slow sometimes. What I didn't realize is that the bus would make its first appearance today. The bus you say? My boss and his son have just completed a 4-year project to restore a 1967 VW Bus. Actually, restore is the wrong word... it's more like build from scratch. I'm told there are a few odds and ends to finish off but it's essentially done. Let's check it out... Isn't the color cool? Photobucket Photobucket The interior is also totally redone. Check out the spartan dashboard! Photobucket Photobucket And the back side. Photobucket Photobucket Once we were done drooling over the bus we piled in and headed out to lunch. Listgirl had crafted a card that we all signed. It was unique and very cool. And I got credit around the table just for having such an awesome wife - what a deal! Photobucket And then it was Mexican food yummy-ness. I had a chicken tostada. Hmm, the spell checker here doesn't recognize the word tostada. What a racist spell checker! I came home and tried a new recipe tonight, Tilapia Tostadas with Roasted Corn Relish. Yes, I had tostadas twice today. That just makes the spell checker all the more wrong. But eating tostadas twice? Oh, so right! Photobucket Perhaps it is because I stumbled upon some excellent fish but these were fantastic. Will be cooking this one again. Well the night isn't over yet. Perhaps I can sneak in a bit more fun before I collapse to dreamland.


  1. That van is awesome. A family friend of ours had a VW van when I was a kid and I used to covet it, even back then.

    And I may have to try your fish tostados!

  2. wow fantastic VW bus - love such old cars!!

    Yummy food picture and thanks for the recipe link!

  3. Very cool VW van. I shall miss you on Tuesday. :)

  4. Love the van! That is so cool that your boss and his son worked on it together..

    I'll be making the fish tostadas because we need some new Latino recipes around friends laugh at how many jars of salsa we go through in a week!

  5. The van is just gorgeous! Those VW buses are so rare, and especially in good condition. They've made a wonderful job restoring it, and I love the color!


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