Saturday, October 31, 2009

Neighborhood Shenanigans

ETA: Listgirl Designs is now open! Go and check it out. :) I will post more about it Nov. 1st.

This morning we watched the Buckeyes totally demolish the New Mexico State Aggies 45-0. Yea, it was a beating. :| The next few games won't be so easy though: Penn State, Iowa, and then our rivals Michigan.

In the evening, after I got my store up and running and sent out the newsletter, Todd and I made the long trek across the street to our neighbor Tyler's house for his Halloween party. Our other neighbors Mel and Margaret were there, but other than them, we didn't know anyone else. Tyler had some friends help him decorate his house starting at 11am, and it looked awesome!

Todd made some homemade Caramel Popcorn and brought it to the party.
It was REALLY delicious! This is one of Todd's party treat specialties. I've linked the recipe above. You can make it and put it in tins as a holiday treat gift too!

Here's Todd and Tyler.  Can you guess what Tyler was?

Our neighbors Margaret and Mel.
They are such fun people! Mel plays in a band too, and they invited us to go dancing to Motown music with them sometime. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Mel and Todd.

And me, in my not-so-creative banana costume, and Todd as Cat in the Hat.

You see, a couple years ago I was the banana, and Todd had a monkey costume. So at least then we had a theme going. Then this year, I was going to still be the banana, and Todd was going to get an apple costume. But he deviated from the plan and decided to finally be Cat in the Hat. So that's why we had un-matching costumes. :| The banana suit was totally non-breathable and I got quite warm in it. One party goer made a joke and said, "how do we peel you?" :| I just ignored the comment and ran away. I'm not so good with the quick-witted comebacks!


  1. Y'all look so cute! And it's matching costumes..kinda a Kindergarten theme...Kindergarteners take bananas in their lunch box..and they get to eat them after reading time, which is always a Dr. Seuss story. I know, it's a stretch.

    question : "how do we peel you?"

    answer: "at your own risk" :D

    But..I couldn't have come up with that at the party, I would have given my 'I'm very disappointed in you' look...and run away.

    Football: woo hoo! (11)Ga. Tech 56, Vanderbilt 31! The rest of our games are against non-ranked opponents and are winnable. But, we'll see!

    Can't wait to hear about day one of the fantabulous store Heather just said in an email to me.. " I need to go shop at Christine's! woo hoo! I know a real designer!"

    Enjoy the rest of today!

  2. So cute. I'm glad you ended up deciding to go. I saw one kid dressed up as a banana this year. The costume went all the way down to his feet. It was cute.

  3. I can top "how do we peel you?"

    I dressed as a male flasher, complete with trench coat and an oversized male um.. appendage made from pantyhose. I was asked "what horse did you steal that from?" I guess I asked for it - but was able to retort "I just borrowed it from my husband." I scored some brownie points w/ the DH for that!

    Are you going to tell us what Tyler was? I have no idea.

  4. I can never come up with quick comments either.

    Love the Dilbert costume!

  5. Ha ha, Alice you're right. Tyler was Dilbert!

  6. Ah, more costumes! Halloween is really something in the US! =)

    Todd's costume is so cute, and you look very cute in your banana too. And I recognized Dilbert's twisted tie too!

  7. How fun! I just stayed at home and passed out the candy... and cheated on my diet in the process. Now I think I want me some of that yummy carmel corn!!
    Congrats on the store being open!!

  8. cool shots - seems you had a fantastic evening!


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