Saturday, October 10, 2009

Savage Popcorn-Eater

Todd and I went running this morning, not with our running club because that's too early, but by ourselves.
It was overcast for the first couple of miles, so I was doing pretty good.  However, the last three miles proved problematic.  The sun came out, which my body does not like when running.  And somehow I got a side-stitch on the left side of my tummy.  And I ran out of energy even though I had some cereal for breakfast.  All that combined into a grueling last half of my five-mile run.  :(  But you know what?  Not all workouts will feel good every time while you're doing it.  The big "win" today was definitely just to persevere and finish.  And try to analyze what went wrong.  Was it diet/nutrition over the last days?  Was it lack of being hydrated properly?  Was it time of day?  Weather conditions?  My guess is my lack of sleep lately.

Todd ran four miles today, without pain!  He will give you an update on his injuries on his next "Tuesdays With Todd" post.  I saw him around the 1.8 mile mark, on his way back.


The sun had come out fully by about 10:40am, when I saw this pretty scene of people fishing.


Miles: 5.01
Time: 56:57
Avg time/mile: 11:23 (argh)
Calories burned: 491

In the afternoon we watched our Ohio State Buckeyes beat up on the Wisconsin Badgers 31-13. Since it was football Saturday, Todd made a double-batch of popcorn.


About four years ago, after years of observing Todd, I told him that he looked like a savage when he ate popcorn. Cookie Monster on Sesame Street comes to mind. He loves popcorn like the Cookie Monster loves cookies. He laughed so hard when I told him. So now I affectionately call him "Savaje" (Spanish for "savage") when he eats popcorn and kernels get everywhere.


  1. funny popcorn monster shot of Todd .... LOL

    beautiful view on the fishing shot!!!

    Have a good start in the new week!!

  2. So not only did you make fun of my perfectly reasonable popcorn eating didn't edit out the chunk of hair standing up during my run!

    You'd better watch out on Tuesday! ;-)

  3. We don't have cable, so I had to keep up with Ga. Tech's game over ESPN's gamecast. (gamecast is NOT popcorn worthy, so I didn't get to have any last night.)

    Went to bed last night with Tech losing to FSU, woke up this morning to see that we had WON! (49-44) My kids thought I had lost it..guess they've never seen my 'We beat FSU' happy dance.

    btw, didn't notice Todd's hair standing up until I read his comment..of couse, I had to scroll back up and look. :D

  4. Your popcorn shots always crack me up. I must say I'm jealous. We have snow in Colorado and I hate winter. Seeing your running pictures reminded me of the long months ahead. LOL

  5. LOL...the popcorn photo cracks me up! cute. I always love your running photos. I need to learn how to take better photos while running! LOL. My Long Beach Half photos were mostly blurry...heeehee! I like your take about runnning though...yes...some days, it's a success just to know you did it...Great job pushing through.

  6. Lol, Todd's popcorn eating habit is funny. My Daniel also likes popcorn a lot (not for breakfast though!), so in our last apartment where we did not have a microwave oven he bought a popcorn machine. Somehow he still prefer the microwave ones, so he is happy our new flat has such an oven.


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