Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Social Organizer

Yes, that is me. Todd, the social planner. I try to get people together. I'm not really much for party or event planning. I just assume that if people are together and fed they will have fun. So if I ever invite you to something, don't expect themed decorations and party favors and all those nice things. But I will get you together. And you can expect more food than you can eat and hopefully a few folks who will make you laugh. I was out of the office for Boss' Day. And nothing happened in my little work area. Most IT people are not social organizers like me. But now that I'm back I've planned something for my boss who I very much enjoy working for. It's a little late but hey, that's normal for IT people right? Another IT guy is moving on to another company. I would have planned something but someone beat me to it. Good on that someone. Tomorrow (Weds) night is Socrates Cafe night (today by the time most of you read this). I am always inviting folks to this but few have come. Anyone in San Diego interested? Details are here. It's not overly intellectual or intimidating. Just fun times discussing interesting perspectives. The meeting is on Adams Avenue in Normal Heights. There are plenty of great cookies and such in the nearby area if you are so inclined. We're going to talk about the ideal role of the news media in society. Can't wait! Partly as a result of my social organizing, I am going to have little free time in the next week. When am I going to ever work on my songwriting? Tonight: San Diego Java Users' Group meeting Wednesday: Socrates Cafe - seriously, you local folks should come out! Thursday: Happy Hour for departing colleague Thursday and/or Friday: lunch with friends Sunday: Afternoon plans with friends Monday: Boss' Day lunch I also sent out 3 separate emails to groups of friends to plan a lunch or dinner today. In the last week I sent out 3 others to different friends. That should extend the above list nicely. Yay to more social plans coming together! Too bad about the songwriting though. Maybe Saturday I'll sneak some in between football games. I'm afraid I have broken my promise to bring exciting photos this week. Luckily Listgirl has given you plenty the last couple of days. She covers my butt again! I did get a free book at the technical meeting I attended tonight. Photobucket And what's a developer's gathering without a little ambrosia Photobucket

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  1. It is so fun with people that not only talk about getting together, but also arrange it. I think many are so afraid to be turned down upon asking, that they just don't. People like you makes everyone else's day! =)


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