Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 300

Wow, who knew I would make it to Day 300 for Project 365 this year?  Only 65 more days to go!

Todd took a photo of me trying to relax on the couch with a cup of tea.


As you know, I've been working a lot of hours on templates and getting my blog store ready to open on Nov. 1st. Sometimes I really get into something and I just want to get things done. Or I get overly-ambitious and then stressed out. Learning to relax is something pretty difficult for me. I've learned some hard lessons about living a balanced, less-stressed life, which I will share with you next week. I am still learning though. Because apparently just saying I need to relax doesn't mean it happens, LOL.


  1. Great photo!

    What exactly does 'relax' mean?? ;) I guess my relaxing moments are when my hubby and I sit down in the evening to watch 1, 2 or maybe 3 episodes of LOST. (we started with season 1 and are almost done..trying to be prepared for the last season that starts in January..)

    So, are you all caught up with your 365 layouts?? I'm not. But I have 300 pictures taken..and that makes me happy.

  2. I am looking forward to your lessons learned! Sometimes I feel like a semi-sham of simplicity because my internal self is totally not zen-like.

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has trouble relaxing - but I am hopefully we can learn how!

  3. Tracey - ha ha, no, I'm not caught up with my P365 weekly layouts. That in itself sometimes cause me consternation. But I know I will get them done eventually. The good thing is I blog everyday, so I it's not like I forgot what my photos are about... :)

  4. Yes, the year went by too fast! Have a nice day! Manuela

  5. The 300 days are really amazing! I'm so impressed of all of us who has kept it up.

    I'm too aren't up to date with my weekly pages, but I try not to let it bug me. As you say; eventually they will be done, and I'll have a real treasury! =)

  6. That's a great photo of you! I always tell my husband that I can tell how much he loves me when he takes great photos. (He even took on last week that made me look thinner!) It's obvious the photographer loves you!! :)

    I'm like you. I'm way behind on my layouts for my Project 365! I missed a few photos when my Grandma was very sick and I was caring for her. You just don't think about taking pictures at a time like that. But, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a little journaling will fill in the empty spot, right?

    Your photos for the project on here have looked fabulous!

  7. 300 days. I'm impressed. I gave up after 4 months. LOL I like that Todd captured you trying to relaxing.

    Still excited for November 1st! :)~

  8. Wow...hasn't it really been 300 days? I'm still with you girl...at least on the photos part...now just have to scrap them! (that's another story all together!) Can't wait for your store..but try not to stress too much...we'll still be here WHENEVER it opens...hey...life happens...if it doesn't open EXACTLY when it was supposed too..oh well..it will, when it will...I just can't wait to see all of the hard work you've put into it come to fruition. I know it'll be great. But in the mean time, go enjoy that cup of tea and relax! :)

  9. so happy to see you all caught up! only 63 days to go YEAH

    and congrats on doing your own shop - that's awesome!

  10. Such a great picture of you!
    Congratulation to you on your soon to open store and on coming so far with your Project 365. You have been a great inspiration to me to keep going with my own Project 365.

    Now just take a deep breath and enjoy all that's coming.

  11. stunning shot of you, relaxing!!


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