Sunday, October 25, 2009

And the winners are...

I took Todd to get some treats today, because he's been helping me a lot with the technical aspects of getting my newsletter service to work.


I tallied up the votes for which three letter templates you would like to see in the store first. Here were the votes. If you voted for multiple letters, I counted the first one you mentioned. I am also keeping track of those other votes though, for future reference. :)

L - (6 votes: Erika, Heather, Jody, Lukasmummy, Cler, Diane E)
C - (4 votes: The Lord Family, Christi, Riette, Cris)
K - (4 votes: Tracey, CarissaProject365, ShawnaTaylor, bentonflocke)
B - (3 votes: Ang, Alyna, DiSailesToo)
R - (1 vote: Abby)
T - (1 vote: sdwrdt)
D - (1 vote: Sonica)
I - (1 vote: a Hawkeye)

So I will be making templates for "L", "C", and "K" first to put into the store when it opens. The people who voted for "L" will get the template for free. So will the following people contact me at listgirldesigns (at) gmail (dot) com with your email address so I can get you your free template when my blog store opens?

Diane E

and I'm also going to include:

because you voted for multiple letters but one of them was "L".

This was fun! I'm looking forward to making them and getting them into the store. Thanks so much for your votes!


  1. wow - that sounds great! Thank you very much that you included me, too!! Yeah, I´m so happy.

    I´ll send you a mail!

    Great shot of Todd at Borders Cafe - glad you gave him some dessert for his help

  2. Yay...You're making a K!

    OK, this is the official "I made it back from the blogger party safe and sound" comment. No need to send help. :D

    Praying for your store opening excited for you!

    Isn't bentonflocke just the sweetest thing? I love it when she comments on my blog.

    Happy Monday.

  3. Christine, thanks so much for the L template, it's really sweet;)

    I'll be sending you an email.


  4. Wow, I'm one of the winners! =) I had a hard time deciding for one letter, but L was apparently a good choice. Thank you so much for giving us the template, you are so kind! Good luck with your store, I'm looking forward to visit it.


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