Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Hour

Today's photos are courtesy of Todd. I worked all day on work stuff and then my getting-the-store-ready stuff, so I didn't do much else exciting, LOL. Thank goodness Todd covered for me and took some pics, plus he handed the camera to someone else, who took photos for him too.

Todd's coworker Jay is leaving the company, so they had a happy hour for him tonight after work.

The views and atmosphere seemed gorgeous. I'm kinda jealous that Todd got to go to this type of event! :p




Todd the social butterfly.

The Man-of-the-Hour Jay. Looks like he got some gifts.

I waited patiently at home for Todd to bring some dinner home. Turns out he went to Brett's BBQ. We shared a sandwich and some sweet potato fries. Todd loves that place. A LOT. While waiting for his take-out food, Todd saw a band playing next door.

This was it for today. I will be a much more interesting person when I finish the work for my store opening, LOL. If I haven't commented on your blog as much, that is the reason why. I hope to be back to reading and commenting on your blogs soon. You know who you are.


  1. It sure looked like a great event, guess Jay was happy with such a nice good bye.

    I'm so excited to see you new store! =)

  2. It looks like a fantastic goodbye happy hour!!

    And how lucky with the band waiting for the food.

    Take care of you!!!

  3. Could you ask Todd why I couldn't read these posts until this morning?? I can see that you posted on Friday and Saturday, but, I'm not kidding, I couldn't see them until today. Weird.

    Fun the sunset..wish I had a giganto chocolate chip cookie. But..I did have some pumpkin cheesecake this weekend. YUM! (if you want to see a picture of said cheesecake, go to Heather's blog..her picture is actually my cheesecake..but I shared it with her, because I'm not supposed to eat such this too much information?? ) I think I'll go school my children some more.



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