Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Year In Review


There were so many great moments in 2013, it was hard to pick out what to include in my annual Year-In-Review post.  What a great year!  It was full of time with friends and family, good food, crafting, concerts, movies, books, running, traveling, and cute Noodle moments.  I've done a Year-In-Review post every year since 2002, with the exception of 2012.  I didn't do it last year and I missed it!

Before I get to the actual verbiage, here’s a video I created with the best moments of 2013.




  • Went to Carnitas Snack Shack for the first time, on a very cold January night
  • For Todd's birthday, his desk at work got decorated, I gave him the Modernist Cuisine at Home book, and we celebrated with dinner at Amaya
  • My childhood favorite team the SF 49ers went to the Super Bowl and lost
  • I finally got an iPhone
  • Todd built himself a new computer
  • Todd got some nice Klipsch speakers
  • Went to Stone Brewery for the first time
  • My birthday dinner at Indigo Grill
  • Bites San Diego North Park walking food tour
  • Bookstore date night
  • Todd became a Mensa member
  • Todd ran the Xterra Black Mountain 15k
  • We had Umami Burger for the first time
  • We made mason jar salads
  • Todd finished digitizing his CD collection and organized them into boxes
  • We had an amazing dinner at Addison Grand Del Mar to celebrate Todd's new job
  • I met up with Donna Jannuzzi at Starbucks
  • We discovered Lourdes Mexican's chicken soup
  • We had dinner @ Karl Strauss to celebrate our anniversary, and picked up our new dresser (gift to ourselves) at West Elm
  • Todd left his job and began a new adventure at a new job
  • We repainted our bedroom and got a new bed frame, new king mattress, and new dresser
  • I started doing Weight Watchers online
  • We bought a big TV for the workout room
  • Todd's work had Gin Blossoms at their amphitheater for a concert
  • Noodle celebrated his 3rd birthday
  • We went to the San Diego Velodrome for the first time
  • Todd started the Red Pants Club at work
  • We had dinner at Monello - my first splurge meal after a month on Weight Watchers
  • Bernardo Winery for afternoon jazz on the patio
  • Grill Fest & Weezer concert at Del Mar Fairgrounds... sort of
  • Bookstore date night #2
  • Todd was MC at Bark For Life
  • Todd's company's summer picnic
  • We discovered plumcots
  • Happy hour at Donovan's, followed by Padres vs Giants game at Petco Park
  • Dinner @ URBN followed by dessert at Heaven Sent
  • Todd went to Conjecture 2013
  • We went to Bates Nut Farm to pick pumpkins
  • Todd ran the Lake Hodges 15k
  • We carved a Scooby Doo pumpkin
  • We dressed up as Fred & Velma for Halloween
  • We made Team Dumpling t-shirts for Tough Mudder
  • Todd did the Tough Mudder again.  This time with Shannon and Mike.
  • Breakfast at Stratford Cafe & Pacifica Breeze
  • Todd got an iPad Air
  • Ohio State beat Michigan
  • Bought an Eye-Fi card for vacation
  • Christmas lunch at Pacifica Del Mar
  • NYE at home with homemade roman burgers & baked french fries



  • Went to a Peruvian restaurant for the first time, with Dejah & Roby
  • Lunch with old work friends at Mimi’s Café
  • Club M with Roby for live salsa music
  • Dad came to visit and brought a bunch of old photo albums for me
  • Amy came to visit and did the Tough Mudder with Todd.  We also ate at Pt Loma Seafoods, En Fuego, Phil's, and Dumpling Inn.  Amy & Todd went to the Museum of Man.  We all went to the Torrey Pines Gliderport.
  • Went to church with Monika & David and had dinner at Tender Greens afterwards
  • Cassi moved to Washington.  We ate a goodbye dinner with them at Santouka.
  • Went to visit Sally & the kids at her house.
  • Dinner at Pizzeria Bruno with the Food Club.
  • Meera & I finished Chelsea's Run in Balboa Park
  • Had our combined birthday celebration with friends at China Max
  • Dinner with Pete & Cass @ Fresco
  • I attended Sally's belated baby shower
  • Breakfast with Meera at Original Pancake House
  • Dejah & Roby came over for dinner & 80's movie night
  • Birthday lunch with the girls from work at Chef Chins
  • Lunch with Pearl at Tofu House
  • Went to AJ & Meera's house for the NFL draft party
  • Pearl came over for dinner & scrapbooking
  • Went to dinner at Monello with Minnie
  • Brought Dumpling Inn takeout and visited Sally & the twins
  • BBQ at AJ & Meera's.  We brought homemade Ninja cookies.
  • Went to Bencotto with Dejah & Roby
  • Todd's parents came to visit.  We hiked Lake Poway and went to Stone Brewery for Father's Day.  Todd's dad said it was the best Father's Day ever.
  • Met up with Linda Barber at CKU
  • Joyce & Alex and the kids came to visit.  We went to the beach a couple of times and had good Mexican food.
  • Went up to LA to have dad's birthday lunch at Joe's Crab Shack, with Shelly, and Alex & Joyce and the boys too.  Andrew had crab for the first time ever!
  • Wine tasting at Addison with Dejah & Roby, where we thought we saw Michael Douglass!
  • Went to AJ & Meera's house.  Todd cooked sweet & sour pineapple chicken with noodles.
  • Lunch at Dumpling Inn with Dejah & Roby, followed by a first time trip to Kelly Papers
  • Went to the Friday night races at the Velodrome with Cat & Mick
  • Video crafting dates with Peppermint
  • Dinner at Rappongi with Uncle Sol & Aunt Rose
  • Lunch with Monika & David at URBN in North Park
  • Phil's BBQ takeout dinner at AJ & Meera's
  • VA Tech football game at Anne & Gilbert's new place
  • Dinner with Ben & Sandie at Tender Greens
  • Buckeyes vs Badgers football party + dinner at our house
  • Todd made chili and we took it to AJ & Meera's house.  Met Baby Raidan for the first time.
  • Dinner with Dan at Urban Solace.
  • Went to Julie's house for dinner and Todd's old work friends reunion
  • Brunch with Pearl at Snooze
  • Dinner at Sea & Smoke with Roby & Dejah
  • Thanksgiving lunch with Dad & Shelly at Bali Hai



  • Went to El Zarape for dinner + House of Blues for Pentatonix in concert
  • Watched 21 Jump Street the movie on DVD
  • Went to OC to see Paris Combo in concert
  • Saw Iron Man 3
  • Saw Star Trek Into Darkness four times, twice in the theater.  Once at Cinepolis with reclining seats!
  • Joe Robinson concert at Brick By Brick
  • Went to San Diego Symphony's Summer Pop concert at the Embarcadero with Anne & Gilbert, and Victoria & Greg.  Bee Gees tribute band!
  • La Jolla Concert By the Sea with Sally, her mom, and the twins.
  • Watched Perception on TNT.  Good show!
  • Ira Liss Big Band Jazz at Bernardo Winery
  • Dnner at Burger Lounge, followed by Earth Wind & Fire concert at SD Civic Theater!
  • Philip Phillips & John Mayer concert
  • Saw Thor The Dark World movie
  • Saw Catching Fire, Frozen, and Hobbit Smaug movies



  • Drove to San Francisco to celebrate AJ's birthday. Got to go to AT&T Park for the first time, went to Alcatraz, and had Ghirardelli ice cream sundaes.
  • June week of staycation included lunch at Hotel Del Coronado, buying new bedroom furniture, dinner at Buona Forchetta, & nighttime zoo.
  • Flew to Ohio for the Buckeye football game with Todd's family
  • Todd went to San Francisco for Dreamforce
  • We went to Oahu & Maui for nine days




There was a lot of Noodle cuteness.


I read 13 books.

I exercised for 119 hours and 15 minutes.


I ran & walked 242 miles.



What a year!  Excited for 2014 and all that it brings!


  1. Great review on video. . . and can't have a video without Noodle shots :). It's so nice that you document so much and take lots of photos so make memories. Happy New Year. Can't wait for what you share in 2014.

  2. Don't watch the video! At the end you get a link, "Click here to view your arrest record now." (Hee, hee, just kidding about not watching the video. What fun! Here's to 2014!)

  3. One of the best year-end videos I've seen, and not just because Gilbert and I made the final cut :-). You and Todd certainly filled your days with fun activities for a full year.

  4. Love the video! This is always one of my favorite posts...I want to be you when I grow up. Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year, Tracey! Stay warm down there in NC!

  5. Wow what a year you've have Christine. You certainly show you 'list girl' goodness with this post.
    Maybe you can share your process. Or do you just pick your favs and have a running spread sheet or something.

    Either way, 2013 looks like it was very fun AND productive.
    Happy New Year, thanks for sharing.

  6. This is such a cool way to summarize what looks like an amazing year. Makes me want to make graphs of the stuff I did last year! ;-) I really enjoyed watching the video, and I loved the music you picked to accompany those great photos!
    ~Natalie (QSOgirl)

  7. I made the review! What a full and fabulous year. I need to start keeping track of things so I can do one of these every year.


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