Sunday, August 4, 2013

Joe Robinson Show @ Brick By Brick

The subtitle of this post could very well be “Old People Out Late On A Friday Night”.

On Friday night 7/26, Todd and I saw Joe Robinson in concert at Brick By Brick
Joe Robinson is a self-taught guitarist who won “Australia’s Got Talent” in 2008 at the age of 17. 

Todd discovered his music earlier this year and bought a bunch of his albums on Amazon.  So when he found out that Joe was touring and coming to San Diego, he got tickets for us.

The tickets said the show started at 7pm, so we drove down after work to have dinner at nearby JV’s Mexican.  We had been there a couple of times before, because it’s very close to the studio that Todd recorded an album with the Northstar Session in 2005.

We got to Brick By Brick right at 7pm.  There was already music on stage.  But it turns out it was just Joe Robinson and his band doing their sound check.  Since the tickets said 7pm, we thought for sure the show would start very soon.  We were very wrong.  At around 7:40pm, the bouncer asked everyone to leave and form a line outside the door.  We asked him when the show starts, and he said 8pm.  That would have been ok, but turns out there are TWO opening acts.  This meant that Joe Robinson probably wouldn’t take the stage until 9:45 or 10pm.  We decided to go home for a couple of hours and then come back to the show, because the opening bands were like heavy metal bands that we were not interested in.  We learned the hard lesson to never trust the start time on tickets, and to always call the show venue to confirm the start time and how many opening acts there are. 

While leaving, Joe came out to go get dinner, and we caught a couple of photos with him.
Yes, at first I thought he was wearing a “I’m With Stupid” shirt pointing at Todd, but it’s really “I’m With Cupid”, LOL!

His manager took a photo of all three of us.

So we went home and rested.  At around 9:30pm we left home again and drove down to Brick By Brick.  We arrived right before 10pm.  Unfortunately, they had some technical issues and the 2nd band (the heavy metal one) was JUST getting started!  Oh my.  We knew then that we were in for an even longer night than we thought.

And old person like me needs a club hand stamp like this to remind me what I’m there for, I guess.

Old people out late on a Friday night!  :p

The bulletin board at Brick By Brick was covered with gig posters.
I was very amused by all the heavy metal.  But also by the Lady Zep poster, which is an all-female Led Zepplin tribute band!  How unique!

Joe Robinson’s poster.

We hung out at the back of the room during the heavy metal band.  Then FINALLY around 11pm Joe Robinson and his band started playing.

Joe played some really incredible guitar solos. 

It was really awesome to see his hands and fingers move so fast.



We ended up leaving right after midnight.  The show wasn’t over yet, but we were pooped out after heavy metal partying all night (ha ha)!  Remember what I said a couple of days ago about when plans go awry I sometimes get upset?  Well, the show starting at 11pm instead of 7pm was a little upsetting.  But I just finished the book “The Happiness Project” and part of what I learned was to not be too rigid and go with the flow when it’s not a big deal.  So I did that.  And I had a good time.  So all in all it was a great night.  Just don’t ask me to head-bang next time.


  1. *lol* I'm really glad you ended up having a great time!

  2. From one "old" person to another. . . yawn! That's past my bedtime. :) Glad you did end up having a good time even though your plans got a little derailed.

  3. Christine was being kind. It's only me that's old, not her.


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