Sunday, October 6, 2013

String Art Workshop

I went to a local craft workshop in June, but since I was on blog hiatus, I never blogged about it.  I think the String Art Workshop was really cool, so I’m blogging about it now!  :-)

I won a seat to the String Art Workshop on Instagram, thanks to Anna of We Love Citrus.  So on Saturday, June 8th, I drove down to the North Park neighborhood and attended the workshop at a super-cute house, Jen Byard’s house.  There was a juice & champagne bar.

And lots of awesome snacks too!  Yum!

This was one of Jen’s creations.  So cute!

The String Art Workshop was held out on the deck by the side of the house.  I loved the set up and how cute it was.

The tables were set up with lots of goodies and our supplies.

And a goodie bag filled with awesome stuff from local crafty artisans!

I didn’t take photos of what was inside, but here were lots of goodies from the sponsors of the workshop.

Ana of We Love Citrus
Jen Byard of My Three Sons
Julia Perez of The Love Stitch
Colleen Townsend
Marcie Hicks of Red Star Ink 

They asked us to bring our own hammer, so I did!  First I cut out a black printed image of the state of California.  Then I positioned it on the 12x12 piece of wood where I wanted it, and started hammering some nails around the edge of the shaped paper.

The hammering took a while, because I’m not a strong hammerer. 

Finally almost done!

After I had the shape totally surrounded by nails, I carefully cut the paper away and removed it.  Then I started stringing the white string around different nails in a random pattern.

It took a while but finally I felt satisfied with the string patterns filling up the shape of California.  With a heart near San Diego.  (More like inland from San Diego.)

Another look at my finished California string art piece.

I loved the workshop and had so much fun!  Big thanks to Ana & Jen for putting the workshop together and giving me a seat.  I still need to find the perfect place in my house to display my string art creation! 


  1. That turned out so great! Thanks for going back and blogging about this event.

  2. this looks awesome and like a lot of fun!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh I remember making string art when I was a kid ... yours turned out awesome, Christine ... love the "♥" idea too!

  4. It turned out very nicely, Christine. Like!

  5. oh that's how you made that thing in your house! awesome!!!

  6. That came out gorgeous! I want to make something like that, though I'm not sure which state I would do...California, Arizona or New York...there's definitely a piece of my heart in each!

  7. sooo cute! Makes me want to do one like my wedding invitation with hearts on the US map where david and I lived.


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