Friday, September 13, 2013

Scrapbooking Downstairs with my Raskog Cart

It’s been unusually hot in San Diego the past few weeks.  I have a craft studio but it is upstairs and can get hot depending on the time of day.


In addition, football season has started, which means my weekends are spent watching college football and NFL football downstairs on the big TV with Todd.  So what’s a girl with a full-time job who primarily scrapbooks on the weekends to do?

You remember that in January I went to IKEA with Pearl and purchased two Raskog carts.  One was for Project Life and it is located upstairs in my craft studio.  The other one resides downstairs in the family room for odds and ends. 

Last weekend I turned the Raskog downstairs into my mobile scrapbooking station.  The cart paired with a folding table is all I need to scrapbooking downstairs while watching football! :-)





The IKEA Raskog has 3 tiers.  I put an Antonius divided organizer into the top tier for my most-often used tools.
TOP TIER CONTENTS:  Scotch ATG, Tim Holtz ruler, Tiny Attacher, Tim Holtz scissors, Cutter Bee scissors, acrylic block, foam adhesive, Glue Dots, Scotch dot roller adhesive, Tombow Mono Multi, stamp cleaner spray, various date/roller stamps, various stamp inks, twine, washi tapes, a punch, and some pens. 

Also on the top tier are some stamp sets that I’ve pulled out to use for the next few projects.

The middle tier contains scrapbooking kits & supplies.  At the top is my 13x13 portable cutting mat.

Then below that I have three current scrapbooking kits, housed in large 2.5 gallon clear zip bags.  One is Studio Calico

And the other two are Gossamer Blue.


Right below that, I have 4 stacked embroidery floss boxes that fit perfectly into the Raskog, two side-by-side.  These are for small embellishments that I like to use on every layout.

One is actually for my embroidery floss that I use to hand-stitch on layouts sometimes.

One is for sequins.  I bought huge packs of mixed-variety sequins at for a really reasonable price.

One is for wood veneers and other large resin shapes.

And one for my collection of paper clips.  I think I use one on every layout!

The bottom tier of my Raskog cart contains my portable paper trimmer, a favorite punch, and a bread box with lots of letter stickers & Thickers inside. 

Underneath the paper trimmer, I have a Studio Calico Project Life kit, and some baby wipes for fast stamp cleanups.

I think it’s amazing how much I can fit into this Raskog cart!  It has totally worked for me for scrapbooking downstairs in the family room while watching football or movies on TV.  I created two assignment pages last weekend downstairs while watching football.  Occasionally I have had to run upstairs to get something that I wanted to use, but in general I can create a lot with the tools, stamps, kits, and supplies that fit into this cart downstairs.  And with the kits and supplies, I can always swap out newer items I want to use and put some of the older kits back upstairs into my craft studio.  I love that I am in the same room with Todd and we can enjoy time together.  When I’m done with scrapbooking, I just roll the cart next to the couch and fold up the folding card table and put it in the downstairs closet.  :-)

I love solutions that make it easier for me to be creative!


  1. LOVE it!!! So fun so see how everyone organizes theirs!

  2. Love this! My scrapbook room is upstairs, too, so this is a great solution!

  3. I think I may be experiencing major Raskog cart envy!

  4. Love this! I need some of those embroidery floss boxes to sort my smaller embellishments! Right now I have them in ziplock baggies by type, but they aren't separated as much as they should be. For example, lots of the wood veneers are together in one bag, even though they are different designs & I hate digging through it/often forget about them.

  5. It's amazing how much you have packed into your cart. It sure holds a lot. Having your portable craft set up downstairs is a nice way to spend time with Todd (and Noodle - can't forget him).

  6. I thoroughly enjoy your posts; especially when it's about something I need such as organization tips--and pretty tips to boot!

  7. What a clever solution. I often bring things to the couch while we watch football. I like to handstitch then, or fill out handmade cards to be put in the mail.

  8. Love this! I have an organisation of my raskog similar to this yours :D Thanks for sharing!

  9. Awe- It's so wonderful to work when you know where all the goodies are! I work out of the basement and although it's not as pretty as your space, it gets the job done! To check out my designs, I'm at

  10. I stumbled on this post! I too have a TV room scrappy area.. mine is a Longenburger magazine basket and a small table that has a shelf under it for a trimer and my ATG. Best of both worlds.. family time and scrappy time

  11. I own two as well and last week went and purchased the bins that fit in the top tray so that no more holes but they only fit in the top maybe would fit in the others if you put them in before you put it together but not sure great but tho only 4 dollars each

  12. Thanks for sharing your organization tips and making your scrapbooking time work for you.


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