Tuesday, July 30, 2013

That’s What Friends Are For

Todd and I recently spent some time hanging out with some good friends.  We are reminded of how important it is to cultivate friendships with people we care about.  We are really blessed to have these friends in our lives.

On Friday evening 7/19, we met up with Dejah & Roby at Addison at the Grand Del Mar for their summer “Tastings On The Terrace”.   July 19th was Italian wines. 

We got to taste a Prosecco, another white wine, and a red wine.  Sorry I forgot the names, I’m not a wine expert! 

It was great fun to hang out with Dejah & Roby on the terrace.  We thought we saw Michael Douglass at a nearby table even!

On Sunday 7/21, we got to celebrate National Ice Cream Day with AJ & Meera at their house.  We basically invited ourselves over.  Todd cooked Spicy Sweet-And-Sour Chicken at their house, and we all loved it.  The fresh pineapples really make the dish great!

We always love to hang out with our good friends AJ & Meera.  The conversation is easy and fun.

To celebrate National Ice Cream Day, I had a little bit of this Dreyer’s Slow Churn Light Ice Cream – Triple Cookie Fudge Sundae.
It looks like a lot, but it’s about half a cup.  Only 110 calories, or 3 Weight Watchers points.  Yes, I’ve been on Weight Watchers since July 1st.  I’ve lost over 4 lbs so far!  I’ve got 10 more to go to get to my goal weight.  This is a topic that I will cover on a different post sometime in the future.

Yesterday (Sat 7/27), we met up with Roby and Dejah at our favorite authentic Chinese food in San Diego, Dumpling Inn.  We haven’t been there in a while.  They open at 11am, but at 10:50 there was already people lined up outside the door!
I didn’t have any of these potstickers (Weight Watchers!)  Todd, Dejah, and Roby got to enjoy them! 

I did have these sauteed Chinese greens!  Yum!

And I had some sea bass with black bean sauce.  This is my favorite dish there.

I had a little bit of chicken & veggies from this pan-fried noodle dish, but I didn’t have noodles.  :(  Making the right eating choices is hard every single time!  But I do it because I’m determined to lose the weight I’ve put on the last few years.  Plus I know it’s only for about 4 months.  Losing weight is more strict than maintaining weight.  Every time I make the right choice I’m very proud of myself.  And every time I step on that scale, I’m buoyed and encouraged by the results, so I keep going!  :)

These dumplings are called “Xiao Long Bao” and they are delicious.  They are small.  I did eat two of these since they are steamed. 

After lunch, we all headed to Kelly Paper, because my friend Cassi told me there was shiny metallic vellum paper there in all kinds of colors.  And shiny metallic thick cardstock!  I bought some and I’m in love!  I don’t have any photos of them though.

Today (Sunday 7/28) we met up with Sally and the twins at La Jolla Cove for the free “Concert By The Sea” from 2-4pm.  They have this every Sunday in the summer. 
It was overcast by the ocean, but still so fun to put a blanket and some chairs down and just hang out and listen to music!

And walking down to the cove is always fun.  I don’t ever get over this view when you round the corner.

Sally & little Johnny.

The twins playing and eating on the blanket.

Nina, Sally, and me.

Summer fun is in full swing!  We have about a month of summer left and we plan to pack it full of fun and friends!  And food too, just not as much food for me, and only healthy foods, LOL.  If anyone thinks this Weight Watchers thing is easy for me, you would be wrong, ha ha!  You know how much I like to eat and try new foods.  It’s practically a hobby!  But I also know that I wasn’t at my best and didn’t feel my best, and it was time to do something about it.  :)


  1. What fun events you shared with your friends. Congratulations on your weight loss. I really need to do the same. The Chinese greens looks really delicious. My problem is that I find all the other foods you showed us yummy to resist.

    1. It's really hard for me too! But after I practice making the good choices and do it over and over again, it gets a little bit easier.

  2. Love to see your return to blogland! I am working to improve my response to your awesomeness!!

  3. LOOK AT THE ADORABLE TWINS! They are so big!

    Good for you and the WW! I have much to lose..this past year's comfort food has taken up residence in places that have grown..a lot. sigh.

    Friends, food, and San Diego pix..awesome blog post!


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