Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Noodle!

According to Noodle’s papers from the county shelter where we adopted him, he was born on 7/14/2010.  That means today was his 3rd birthday!  We celebrate this occasion with some cute recent Noodle photos and stories.  :)

Lately Noodle loves to play in colorful tissue papers.  He will jump around in them and roll in them.  We hide some of his toys in the papers.  I think he likes the crinkly sound that the tissue papers make.20130629-IMG_0837_600

Noodle still loves to hang out by the window in my craft room with me when I craft and scrapbook.

Most of all, he loves to snuggle with Todd…

And watch TV shows together…

Recently he had a couple of scares.  We bought some new bedroom furniture and thus had two deliveries.  The first one was our mattress delivery.  Noodle freaked out when the delivery men came in with the huge king-sized mattress.  He ran like crazy and the door was not completely closed, so I wasn’t sure if he ran outside.  I searched the whole house after the delivery men left, and couldn’t find him.  I started crying because I was worried he had darted outside and was lost.  After searching all over the house for him for 30 minutes, I found him hiding under a corner table, wedged between the wall and the table.  He’s never hidden there before.  He was shaking and scared and wouldn’t come out, but I was so relieved that he was inside the house.  It took him a while to come out and feel ok again.  Poor Noodle.

Then that night, my sister Joyce and her family came to visit for the weekend.  She has two boys and Noodle is scared of children because he’s not used to being around them.  So we kept Noodle in our room and he mostly slept and hid under the papasan chair.

For his birthday today, he got to play with his humans.

Todd bought some roasted chicken for him, and he got to lick his favorite Cheetos! 

Happy 3rd birthday, Noodle!  We’re glad you joined our family 2.5 years ago.  You’ve brought much joy, snuggles, and amusement to both of us. 


  1. Noodle is so handsome!
    Meow meow!

  2. PS. My daughter wants to know if you eat the Cheetos after Noodle has licked them.

    1. Ha ha Mimi...NO! There's plenty left in the bag!

  3. Happy Birthday Noodle! Our furry friends certainly make our lives complete. I have a collar with my home phone number on all three of my dogs. My male dog has escaped twice. Once when he was trying to run away from the Thunder (fortunately my neighbor saw him loose) and the other time he and my 2 females decided to take a walk when I accidentally left my gate open. When I found them I didn't know If I should kill them or hug them. I was freaked out.

    1. I know, if Noodle ever runs out the door and gets lost, I'll freak out too! He does have a microchip, so hopefully someone will find him and take him to a vet or shelter... I don't want to think about it!

  4. Happy Birthday, Noodle. You are so full of personality. Your expression in the photos are priceless. I like the way you keep mom company in her craft room and watch TV with dad all snuggled up.

    Christine, thanks for sharing. Noodle is a beautiful cat.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments, June! Noodle definitely has personality, LOL!

  5. Happy [belated] birthday to the most handsome cat I know!

  6. Noodle is beautiful! His eyes are so expressive. Happy birthday!

  7. What a cutie. Poor thing being so scared!

  8. Happy Birthday Noodle! Very cute photos + stories!! So happy he wasn't lost :)


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