Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Earth Wind & Fire in Concert

This past Friday night (9/6) Todd & I had the pleasure of attending our fourth Earth Wind & Fire concert in 14 years at the San Diego Civic Theater.  EW&F is one of Todd’s favorite bands.  When we found out they were coming to San Diego again, we had to get tickets.  The band has been together for 41 years, and they’re still going strong!


We drove down to Little Italy during Friday night traffic.  That part wasn’t so fun, but eating dinner at Burger Lounge in Little Italy was!  Burger Lounge is our favorite burger in San Diego.  They use grass-fed beef and organic ingredients.  But I didn’t get a burger this time, because they just came out with the Seared Albacore sandwich and I had to try it out!
This was really delicious and fantastic.  I give it a thumbs up!

This was my splurge meal of the week, so I had a few of Todd’s fries as well.

We made it to the Civic Theater despite some parking issues.  We were about 10 minutes late, but luckily they started about 3 minutes after we got into our seats!  They opened the show with “Boogie Wonderland”.


Philip Bailey’s voice is just awesome, and so HIGH!  So amazing.


They played many many of our favorites, such as “September”, “Fantasy”, “That’s The Way Of The World”, “Shining Star”, “Singasong”, etc. 

They also played a few songs from their new album, “Now, Then & Forever”.

The show was amazing and the crowd energy was great.  We stood up for most of the concert and there was definitely a lot of boogieing in the crowd!

And there was cool and mesmerizing lasers. 


We thoroughly enjoyed the show from start to finish.  No snafus with show start times and opening acts this time!  It was all Earth Wind & Fire and we wouldn’t have it any other way! 


  1. Wow, how exciting. I love EW&F. I'm so glad you made it just in time for the concert to begin and didn't have to wait "hours." :)

    1. June - I know, right? We've had the worst luck with concert start times this year! :)

  2. EW & F one of my allll time favorite groups. So many memories. I hope they come back to San Diego.

  3. Love EW&F! How fun you got to see them in concert so many times! Always love reading about your happy San Diego life, Christine! :)


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