Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bates Nut Farm

Towards the end of September, I posted a status update on Facebook. 

“Oh Fall, you save me every year from buying scrapbook stuff. I don't dig fall colors and can't scrap anything fall. KTHXBAI.”

And then on October 7th, I posted another status update:

“Other signs I'm not a fall person: I don't get excited for Halloween and I don't decorate for it, and pumpkin flavored stuff doesn't excite me either.”

But then I started eating my words.   Even though there aren’t a lot of deciduous trees in San Diego, my work courtyard is FULL of them.  And I think they’re pretty.

2013-10-16 14.05.04_600

And I’ve been drinking pumpkin spice flavored coffee.
2013-10-19 08.39.07-3_600

I guess I’m making an effort at having a fall season, even though the weather around here doesn’t necessarily reflect it.  Even though my cold cold heart wanted to deny that autumnal things interest me at all.

And then on Saturday, we went to Bates Nut Farm, which has the largest pumpkin patch in San Diego County.  I don’t even know who I am anymore.  Next thing you know, I’ll be scrapping this photo.


My status update accompanying this photo on Facebook:  “Well, this is hard to believe. The "Fall-Hater" has turned soft. I've been drinking pumpkin spice coffee in my Keurig. I've bought some yellow, orange, and brown clothing. And now I've really gone over the deep end and went to a pumpkin patch. (However, it was 85 degrees at the pumpkin patch and I almost melted.) What has become of me?” 

We drove to Bates Nut Farm around 11am.  It was about a 45 minute drive into Valley Center.  It was 70 degrees at our house, but by the time we got out of the car in the GINORMOUS parking lot at Bates Nut Farm, it was 85 degrees there.  Yikes, I knew then that wearing long-sleeves and jeans was a huge mistake.  The drive there was pretty though.
2013-10-26 11.19.07_600

The farm was a lot larger than we thought.  And there was a rather large crowd there.  It was like a seasonal amusement park or something.

There was hand-feeding of baby goats.  The baby goats were so cute!  I had never seen them before.

There was hayrides.  You know, in 85 degree weather in the heat of the sun.

We got a photo with Jack Skellington.

And we visited the Bates Nut Farm store.

There was a TON of people in there!  And a ton of nuts & dried fruits!
2013-10-26 11.46.58_600

And homemade fudge.  Todd was definitely there for the fudge!


Todd got some chocolate sea salt caramel fudge, and some vanilla caramel swirl fudge.  We also got some apple butter.

They had some really nice seasonal displays in the store.  Like this fall harvest one.
2013-10-26 11.50.23_600

And Christmas displays.  Already!
2013-10-26 11.50.59_600

2013-10-26 11.51.27_600

We decided to eat lunch on the way home, but we were hungry already and we had yet to pick out our pumpkins.  So homemade Mariposa Ice Cream to the rescue!
2013-10-26 12.10.29_600

There was a hay maze there too.
2013-10-26 12.24.30_600

And pumpkins.  LOTS of pumpkins.
2013-10-26 12.28.16_600


And more backgrounds where you could take photos.

2013-10-26 12.26.03_600

We picked out two medium pumpkins and then hauled them back to the car.  Did I already mention their parking lot is HUGE?  I’m glad we were able to find out car! 

We used the Yelp app on our phones to find a place to eat lunch on the way home.  We went to the Cenote Grill in Escondido.  It was absolutely and fabulously delicious!  I had the Agave Lime Shrimp and I had never tasted a sauce so good.
2013-10-26 13.32.28_600

And remember this photo, the one from above?  What’s that in my hair you ask?

It’s a Halloween halo that I bought at Bates Nut Farm.  You know, because I hate fall & Halloween.  I love this thing and I’m totally going to reverse-engineer this and make my own seasonal halos for photos and stuff!  Seems so festive and fun!


Yea, I’ve totally “fallen” off the deep end.  ;-)


  1. What a cute post Christine! Lol. I love this time of year maybe bc it's a bit different here in Vancouver, BC - a bit of rain and chill (but it's actually been quite warm these days). So cozy !!

  2. TFS. I saw your clothing and the "thingy" in your hair on the photo before any narrative and I thought for someone who doesn't like fall she sure is dressed in fall colors. LOL. You bought your fall color recently and the "thingy" in your hair turns out to be this cute halo.

    The goats are real cute but I am afraid of goats. When I was a child my mother and I went into the petting zoo and were feeding the baby goats and then this one goat started chewing/eating my mother's dress and wouldn't let go. Since then I have lived with a fear of goats. LOL.

    That meal on the way home looks absolutely delicious.

    1. Oh man, that would scar me from baby goats for life too! They look so cute from afar, lol.

  3. Congrats on your fall breakthrough!

    Pretty sure I've been to Bates Nut Farm, but it was years ago. I remember getting cider.

    Your first task is a Buckeyes halo!

    1. Oh! A Buckeye halo is a fantastic idea! Why didn't I think of that??! Thanks Jennifer!

  4. I laughed when I saw this post. I am not a fall/autumn person either, hard to celebrate in South Texas when it's in the 80's...All I can say is you have gone to the Darkside and I think it's funny!!

  5. Welcome to the Autumn Lovers Appreciation Society (or ALAS for short!) ... before you know it, you'll be embracing ALL things autumnal. Don't fight it. Embrace it. :-)

  6. OK, I don't know who you are with your festive fall hair halo thing, but tell me where you've stashed my friend Christine, and I won't call the cops.

    Sue's club 'ALAS' makes me laugh!!

  7. Funny Post. I must make it out to the Bates farm.

  8. I love this post!!!! As you well know Fall is my favorite season of the year as are the colors... So glad you've 'fallen' in love. Jealous of the excursion - want to take my kids but they so don't like car rides. Hopefully next year - maybe now that you don't hate pumpkins we can all go together!!! That would be awesome! Hope to see you soon! hugs to you both


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