Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spontaneous Fun On A Tuesday Night

I think one of the pleasures of life is unplanned, spontaneous fun.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a PLANNER.  In fact, the word “plan” is in my job title.  I like to plan everything out and part of my enjoyment of the activity is in the act of planning itself.  However, sometimes when plans go awry or when plans don’t go as I expect, I feel let down.  Spontaneous fun is against my personality, but I have paradoxically found that I rather enjoy small doses of it here and there.  I think it’s because when an activity is spontaneous, I don’t have some sort of preconceived expectation of it.

Summer time is usually the prime time for us for spontaneous fun.  Because the long daylight hours allow for some fun activities after work.  Last week I complained to Todd that we weren’t having enough spontaneous fun this summer.  Instead of griping about it, I decided I should find something fun for us to do.  So last Tuesday (7/23) at lunch time, I found a new restaurant to try for dinner, and a fun and free new experience for us to check out.

After work, we headed to Bo’s Seafood Market & Grill in Hillcrest for dinner. 

My handsome dinner date.

Bo’s is known for their Fish & Chips.  Todd got the halibut fish & chips.  It looked amazing!
Oh yay, a long-absent-from-the-blog Todd Shot! :D

But as you know, I am on Weight Watchers right now, trying to lose the extra 15 lbs I had gained the last few years.  So no fried foods for me.  I had the grilled halibut plate with veggies and brown rice.  It was yummy!

Todd’s dinner companion.

Bo’s Seafood was good.  (Although not as good as Point Loma Seafoods.)  I would go back there again. 

After dinner, we headed to Balboa Park to somewhere we’d never been before:  the San Diego Velodrome

I had heard of the velodrome before but never knew where it was.  When I was trying to find a place for spontaneous fun at lunch that day, I came upon an article that talked about the Tuesday Night Races at the SD Velodrome.  It is free for spectators!  The weird thing about the Velodrome is that it is hard to find in Balboa Park.  We actually used the GPS on our phone to track it down. (No pun intended.) 

We sat in the stands and watched several high speed bicycle races.

The cool thing about the velodrome is, you can BYOB there.  The concession stand serves homemade Mexican tamales, and fresh-made kettle corn!  But since we ate dinner, we didn’t get anything.

The cyclists got ready for their races in the middle of the field.

One of the races we watched from the stands.

Todd caught this cool shot with his iPhone.  I love the angles and the blurry close-up shot of the nearest cyclist.


We stayed until almost sunset, then walked back to the parking lot and headed home.  Bo’s Seafood and the San Diego Velodrome, two new experiences for us!  And spontaneous fun on a weeknight to boot!  :)


  1. That bike race looks like a lot of fun to watch. TFS.

  2. Interesting! I did not know such places existed (velodrome). That is cool!

  3. Woo-hoo for spontaneity!!!

  4. Wow, that sounds fun! And you guys both look great, I think... =)

  5. Honestly you should work for the San Diego Tourism. You have a knack of discovering San Diego's nooks and crannies.

  6. Winter? What's that? :p hee hee

  7. Seems every time I'm at Morley Field the Velodrome is closed. Now, after reading your post, I must go back on a Tuesday night.

  8. I run by the velodrome all the time! When i do my 3 mile runs its from my house, down the hill to pershing, and up the hill to the velodrome and back.

    I've also always meant to try that Bo's seafood place but never got around to it. Might have to give it a try.


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