Thursday, April 18, 2013

80’s Movie Party: Better Off Dead

Since we had such a great time at our “Real Genius” viewing party, we decided to repeat it with “Better Off Dead”. 


This movie is one of my favorite 80’s movies.  I have many of the quotes in the movie memorized.  I use quotes like “Two dollars, I want my two dollars” all the time.  And who can forget “Sorry your mom blew up Ricky”!  Our friends Dejah and Roby had never seen the movie, so we invited them over on Monday night to have dinner and watch it together.

We didn’t prepare any special dishes that relate to the movie.  In hind sight, we could have prepared “fraaanch fries, fraaach dressing, fraaach bread” etc.  But instead Todd made Pasta Alla Trapanese and Brussels sprouts.



I love this meal!

And the most awesome homemade Salted Caramel Ice Cream!

Roby brought wine.

Sharing a meal with friends is my favorite.

The movie was great.  Although as Todd pointed out after watching “Real Genius” and “Better Off Dead” again… 80’s movie pacing is pretty slow compared to movies nowadays.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  But it just goes to show how much the pace of life has sped up in the last 30 years.  I kind of miss the slow-old days.


  1. Oh yum. I think that your entire menu is going on my oh-please-let's-eat-this-very-soon list!

    I like reading about your fun dinner+movie parties. Sounds like something I'd enjoy doing with our friends here. Or maybe we could theme our nights around board games!! Hmmm... ideas are starting to swirl :)


    1. Hi Natalie! I think next time we have a dinner + movie party, the food will be themed with the movie (if there is a theme, that is). :)

  2. "Do you know the street value of this mountain?!"

    This is was an all time favorite for me! I've seen it more times than I can count. Love your movie nights!

    And to drink? Peru...

  3. One of my DH's favorites.

    Our 80s movie last night was Die Hard.

  4. 80's movie nights are the best!!!! Back To The Future (I, II or III) is on one of the TV channels EVERY WEEKEND over here & DH always watches them. I swear I've seen all three movies more than 100 times ... EACH! One of my favourite 80's movies has to be St Elmo's Fire. I had a MAJOR crush on Andrew McCarthy ♥~swoon~♥

  5. Wow Im an 80's person and I have never heard of this movie! Im going to have to check it out.


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