Tuesday, July 23, 2013

San Diego Symphony Pops | Bee Gees Music

One of our favorite summer traditions is going to the San Diego Symphony Summer Pops concert at the Embarcadero Marina.  It all started when Todd’s rock band The Northstar Session opened for the Symphony Pops with Dave Brubeck in 2005.

(The guy on the left is the cutest keyboard player in the world!)

Ever since then, we’ve gone to the SD Symphony’s Summer Pops concerts several times. We took Peppermint & Tom there when they came to visit in 2009.  We went there with Sally in 2010 to see the Symphony Pops with Kool & The Gang.  So when we heard that the Symphony Pops was playing with the Bee Gees tribute band, Staying Alive, we quickly rounded the troops and got tickets to the show! 

The concert was on Sat 7/13.  We had gone up to LA to have lunch with my family.  Then we drove back down to San Diego in the afternoon.  We decided to have dinner at our favorite seafood restaurant, Point Loma Seafoods.  The view outside was spectacular!20130713-IMG_0899_600

And we had our usual halibut sandwich.

After dinner we headed over to the Embarcadero Marina South, where our friends Anne, Gilbert, Victoria, and Greg had already staked out a spot right on the bay!


The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a summer picnic on the bay with live symphony Bee Gees music!

Lots of boats parked on the water so they could enjoy the concert as well. 

Anne took a pic of us.

The sun setting over San Diego Bay.

The concert was spectacular and the views were awesome.
A little known fact is that I love the Bee Gees, even though they were slightly before my time.  Every month when I pay bills, I listen to the Bee Gees because somehow it makes bill paying happier for me!

After the concert, there was a fireworks show over the bay.  It was awesome to have front-row seats right there!


As we left the concert and walked across the SD Convention Center, we got word that Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants pitched a no-hitter right here at Petco Park.  History was made!

We’re so glad we made it to a San Diego Symphony Pops concert this summer.  It’s one of our very favorite things to do in San Diego during summertime!


  1. What a wonderful evening. I love BeeGees songs and music.

    1. Bee Gees are one of my favorites! It's sad that two out of three of them have passed on.

  2. Looks like a beautiful way to spend the evening. Because of you, we made a special trip to point loma on our last visit to SD. Thank you, it was delish.

    1. So glad you liked it! We take out of town visitors to Point Loma Seafoods all the time. It's a must-eat!

  3. Hehehe, I remember the BeeGee's... Looks like such a nice event you went to!

  4. We're so happy you and Todd suggested we join you this year. And sorry about my finger in the picture I took of you two chillaxing before the show. My camera skills have grown rusty since I stopped blogging.

  5. Looks like so much fun! Miss you two.

    1. We miss you guys too! When are you coming back for a visit?? :)


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