Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Peppermint & I Met Liz

Ha, my post title sounds stalkerish, doesn’t it?  :p

Frequently and long-time readers of this blog know that I have been friends with Peppermint (One Little Bird) since meeting her online in digital scrapbooking forums in 2008.  We were on a few creative teams together, and before we knew it, we were chatting online almost daily.  In 2009 they came to San Diego to visit us and we spent a few days together.  The most unique experience being that we went to Comic Con together.  We also introduced Peppermint & Tom to their first In-N-Out Burger experience, went to Legoland, went to see the ocean, and ate awesome seafood.  Then in October 2010, we flew to Wisconsin to attend Peppermint & Tom’s wedding.  We ate Norwegian food for the first time. We went to the Mall Of America.  We saw the beauty of Wisconsin in the fall.  We explored Univ Of Wisconsin at Madison together. And we went to the Ohio State vs. Wisconsin football game, which was quite the experience!  

Peppermint, Tom, and Nicholas came to visit us in San Diego last week.  We picked them up from the airport, then promptly dropped Tom & Nicholas off in Balboa Park to visit the museums.  Peppermint, Todd, and I drove home to get settled in.  Then Peppermint & I drove over to Del Mar to meet Liz (Paislee Press) for lunch at Pacifica Breeze. Liz drove down all the way from LA to meet up with us!  Neither one of us has ever met her before, but Peppermint & Liz are good friends and they both sell their digital scrapbooking kits at Oscraps. 

So fun to finally meet in person!

And of course, we all took some food photos.  Liz’s seared tuna salad looked yummy.

And here’s Peppermint’s turkey wrap.  20120719-IMG_1239_600

Somehow in the excitement I forgot to take a photo of my salmon wrap.  But I’ve had it before so you can just look at the photo here. :D

There was lots of chatting about scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking.  And lots of picture-taking. (Much to Peppermint’s chagrin. :p)

They are both so adorable!

After lunch, we drove back to the house so I can drive everyone in the bigger car down to pick up Tom & Nicholas from Balboa Park.  Then we all went to West Elm to look around.  I accidentally gave $5 to a meth addict.  I didn’t know she was a meth addict until Peppermint & Tom told me!  I should have known by the lack of teeth.  But she had a really cute puppy with her and I was hoping she would get some food for him. Ugh.

We all went back to the house and Todd cooked a wonderful chicken taco dinner for everyone. 

I made my special pico de gallo.  :)

Liz left after dinner (to let the traffic die down a bit).  Before she left, Todd took one last photo of us in the back yard.

It was fun to met Liz for the first time, and a fun start to Peppermint’s trip to SD! 


  1. Woot! What a fun week you had!

  2. Yay! So fun to read more about three of my favorite people together!! Sounds like a wonderful (and yummy!!) visit! <3

  3. All 3 of you are so gorgeous! Fun to read about your visit. :)

  4. SO awesome that the three of you got to visit! LOL at the random interjections that is SO real-life-- "I accidentally gave $5 to a meth addict" --> actually would work as a title to this post too, lol!

  5. Love it when "on-line" friends get to meet & become "real-life" friends too!

  6. So fun! And your pico de gallo looks so yummy!

  7. Isn't that the best to meet online friends in real life! Liz is the designer whose style I was immediately drawn too and really got me addicted to digital scrapbooking. I also love Peppermint's designs!

  8. Looks delish! It so fun that you have met online scrappy friends! I'm hoping that someday I am able to do the same.

  9. Sounds like you've had a great week :) So fun to hear all about it!

  10. So so so so so awesome to finally meet you in person! Had so much fun that day. Your house is beautiful and dinner that night was amazing. I can't stop thinking about your pico de gallo! I want to make it but I'm afraid to because I know mine won't turn out nearly as yummy as yours! Thanks for being such a great hostess. Next time you're up in LA we have to try to meet up. For snowy ice perhaps?


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