Saturday, July 28, 2012

They Left With Sunny Dispositions

This is my final post re-capping my good friend Peppermint’s visit with her family to San Diego.  The five days went by so fast.  We usually started out the day slowly and don’t get out the door until almost lunch time.  We would do stuff all day, then either eat dinner out or cook dinner in.  Then we watched all the episodes of the first season of BBC’s “Sherlock” in the evenings, or played Rock Band on the PS3. 

Sunday (7/22) afternoon, after going to La Jolla, we stopped by the Torrey Pines Gliderport on the way home.  This stop wasn’t on our original itinerary, but it’s a really neat place so I suggested we made a stop and everyone agreed.

The views were wonderful, even if a bit cloudy.  The “tip” at the end was where we were just at, La Jolla.

We sat on a bench and watched people take off and land.

All the chutes with different colors floating around was mesmerizing.


Pretty rainbow one, with tandem riders.


We walked over to the cliffs.  Nobody else wanted to come along with me and Todd, except for Nicholas.



Super cool view of the Scripps Pier too.

It was windy up there.  I’m sure that’s why the gliderport is located up there, ha ha.

They have a really nice sandwich shop right there too.  So you could go there, order your sandwich, and enjoy the views as you have lunch.  Todd and I did this once and we loved it!

We went home to rest for a while.  Then it was dinner time and we headed to Phil’s BBQ in San Marcos.  I believe they had been waiting to go to Phil’s BBQ ever since they started planning the trip!  There’s always a line to get into Phil’s BBQ.  Looks like someone is hungry!

Tom got the 5 Beef Ribs dinner.  The plate was HUGE.


Yummy BBQ is my favorite.  I shared a tri-tip sandwich with Todd, because their portions are really big and we’d been eating a lot already the last few days. 

On Monday 7/23, it was considerably sunnier and cooler.  We went to lunch at Point Loma Seafoods, our favorite seafood place in San Diego.


There was a line to park at the parking lot, and a line to order our food.  But otherwise there were plenty of seats left, which is usually not the case on the weekends!

The restaurant is located next to the beautiful marina.

I managed to cajole everyone to take a group photo.

Sorry I forgot to take photos of our food.  We ate it so fast there was no chance to!  Peppermint and I both got scallop sandwiches.  Tom and Todd both got halibut sandwiches.  Nicholas got french fries, LOL.

After lunch, we dropped Tom & Nicholas off at the USS Midway Museum.  Then Peppermint, Todd, and I went to hang out at a nearby Panera while we waited for them to tour the museum. 


After a couple of hours, we picked up Tom and Nicholas.  Sadly, it was time to drop them off at the airport for their trip home!  The five days went by so fast, and we packed a lot in.  But I believe they left with sunny dispositions and full tummies.  I can’t ask for more.  :)


  1. The glider park looks totally fun! Hadn't heard of that. Been to the Point and to the Pier, but not there...

  2. So glad you guys had a great visit!

  3. San Diego Tourism Board should be paying you for these last few posts. I never thought I was a So Cal visiting kinda girl ( I love the Bay Area) but these posts over the last few days have changed my mind.


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