Monday, July 9, 2012

2012 Project Life | Week 24

I wrote my 3rd quarterly article for My Scrapbook Art's magazine, Home Is Where The Art Is.  This article is titled "Get Creative with Project Life".  If you missed the first two articles I wrote this year, I've linked them up for you here too.

Documenting The Everyday With Project Life
Onwards With Project Life

On to Week 24!


This was the week of Project Life that I worked on at the crop that I attended at Ever After.  I was able to get a week of PL done, plus 80% done with a 12x12 layout while I was there.  If you missed my post about the crop, it’s here.

Left side. 

For the week’s title slot, I used the regular 4x6 date card from the Clementine core kit, but stamped the “Hey Girl” on there so that it says, “Hey girl, it’s Week 24”.  I cut out a tag from my new Sanuk yoga mat flip flops and decorated it with twine.  I love my new flip flops!

Used 3x4 journal cards from the core kit again.  But I decorate them up.

On the right is a journal card I pre-stamped a while a go.  I just added two pieces of washi tape and called it done.

Adhered a tag from Elle’s Studio right onto the photo for some journaling.

Right side

Photo of the vellum confetti pockets that I sewed. 

On the left I used a 3x4 journal card from the Clementine core kit again, but I adhered a photo directly on there and added a paper button.  On the right, I used an American Crafts Slick Writer and wrote directly onto the photo itself.  Love Slick Writer for that!

Todd bought a new pair of Joe’s Jeans.  He has a hard time finding jeans that fit, because of his thin waist and extremely long legs.  (Yea, not exactly a PROBLEM, is it???)  We went to the Joe’s Jeans outlet in Carlsbad and found out that all their jeans are 34” length, which is perfect for Todd.  On top of that, they have 30 and 31 inch waists, which Todd usually wears depending on brand. 

Ice cream social at work.  Found a piece of paper from the June Studio Calico kit “SoCal” that has the exact colors of the sorbets in the photo!20120709-IMG_6910_600

The left is journaling about receiving the book “Everyday Storyteller” that I contributed to.  I was very excited about holding it in my hands.  The right has a card from the ice cream caterer for our ice cream social at work.

That’s it for Project Life Week 24.  I have Week 25 done also, but will blog about it in a few days. After Week 26, I will be blogging a post about where I’m going with Project Life going forward.

2012 Project Life | Week 24 Supplies:

Project Life | Basic Supplies I Use Every Week


  1. Great week. Love the title card.

  2. Gorgeous as always!! Your pages always make me super excited for it to be 2013 so I can start project life, lol. I love that camera stamp!! Paper Source has been one of my most recent favorite stores, I will have to look for it! [And they just had a grand opening of a store in my neighborhood so I think I'll be there lots more very soon!!]


  3. You constantly amaze me with all the little details and how much you pack into a week! :) wish I could be more diligent about my life documenting skills. The best I can do is to try to take a photo a day at least. Now I just need to find a method that will work for me!


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