Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cropping at Ever After

I had some trepidation about going to my first ever crop at a local scrapbooking store.  I had never been to one, but always wondered what it would be like, and if I would have fun.  When some of the SoCal Studio Calico girls decided to do a crop meetup at Ever After in Vista on Saturday 6/30, I excitedly signed up.  As the day got closer, I almost backed out because I didn’t know if I would have fun, and I had some anxiety about packing for a crop.  I wanted to find out what you’re supposed to pack for a crop, so I googled it.  Big mistake.  Googling "crop packing list" totally stressed me out, lol. Some people are CRAZY and have like 120 things on their pack list.  I think they bring their entire crafting supplies.  This added to my stress about going to the crop.  I posted on Facebook about it to my friends.  I got some sage advice and eventually decided it would be an adventure and just to not worry too much about what to bring and whether I would be productive or not.  I decided to just limit my packing list to my essential tools, some stamps, some inks, and three Studio Calico kits.

I had planned to go to the crop from 11am – 3pm.  I ended up spending way more time picking and printing out three weeks of photos for Project Life.  In fact, I didn’t leave the house until 1:25pm!  It took me 35 minutes to drive to Ever After.  Upon arriving and checking in, I was greeted by the store owner, Camille.  She was warm and welcoming and took me over to the Studio Calico reserved table and introduced me to everyone.  I recognized Kristen, who was in the Amy Tan class with me back in May.  Yay for someone I know!  She had an open spot next to her, so I settled in. 

Lunch had just been served!

Ever After is a rather large store with lots of room in the back for crop tables!

The table with all the girls who signed up from Studio Calico.

Look at me multi-tasking, cropping and eating! 
I worked on some Project Life, and after I got tired of that, I worked on a layout.

I might have ended up chatting more than being productive.  Even though Kristen seemed to be able to chat and work on her layouts at the same time, my chat + crop ability was limited.  I had so much fun chatting and getting to know the girls, and checking out what everyone was working on!  Such talented bunch.

Kristen and Kelly smiling for the camera.

Sara (in pink) was the one who organized all the girls from Studio Calico.

Who knew a bunch of women, a bunch of papers and tools, and some food would make such a fun combination!

I’m glad I overcame my anxieties and went to the crop.  It was fun, even though I still don’t like packing for a crop, LOL.  I was at the crop from 2pm to 7pm, and believe it or not, I was the last to arrive and the first to leave!  Those girls are hardcore!  I handed out my crafting calling cards that I made and got printed at   

This was the layout I worked on at the crop.  I still need to put the finishing touches on it.

I can see more crops in my future.  I think with more experience regarding what to pack for a crop, I will become a pro and it will no longer cause me distress.  :)


  1. Very very fun! I never did the regular scrapbooking, but I can sure see the appeal of hangin' out with like-minded folk! Great layout, too--love those hexagons.

  2. WTG on overcoming your anxieties, Chris! I've never been to a "crop" before either, but I have met up with some on-line buddies & we could all chat for hours!!!

  3. Looks like so much fun! I've never had the courage to participate in a crop either, plus I'm not really sure where [or if] they have them around here. Gorgeous layout as well! Is the text printed directly on the photo or is it a stamp or something on top?


  4. Thanks for sharing your day. Looks like it turned out to be a lot of fun. I absolutely love the layout you created.

  5. @Linda - I used an Ali Edwards digital brush in Photoshop before printing the photo out.

  6. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I am never very good with talking & crafting at the crops. Most of the scrapbook stores around here have closed so I never go anymore.

  7. Your cards are so cute! I just got some from Moo, but they are totally generic and not nearly as awesome! :)

  8. how fun that you did this and your page is looking great!

  9. Awww....So glad you decide to go!! I love how cute your layout is..the white spaces with dashes of elements. I remember those Cropping days!! Sooo much fun to just hang out and chat and see all the different techniques and projects others were doing! I too used to overpacked b/c I wanted to have EVERYTHING on hand in case I "needed" something...LOL. I usually ended up only doing 1-2 pages..hahha...Others were much more organized than me..have planned pages and supplies packed etc...OH Well. Then when I discovered Digital scrapbooking...I LOVED it...I would bring my laptop to the crops and amaze people with how fast I could get my layouts done while they were still unpacking their supplies. LOL.

  10. Oh my gosh! You went! You are so brave.

  11. I know this is late, but it was great to meet you at the crop. I've been super busy since the crop and this is the first chance I've gotten to read your blog. fun!!


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