Thursday, July 5, 2012

Family Room Transformation

For as long as we’ve lived in our house (10.5 years), we’ve never really re-arranged our family room.  A couple of weeks ago, we bought Todd a new rocker/recliner.  It didn’t fit well into the room.  And then Todd started researching into mounting our TV up on the wall above the fireplace.  An idea was born!  This idea was executed yesterday on July 4th, since we had the day off for America’s Independence Day.

It took us from 10am until 5pm, but our room has been transformed.  It looked like this in the morning.

It looked like this afterwards.

Let’s look at more BEFORE photos.
We never use our fireplace, so we had the loveseat right in front of it before. 

View from the other side of the family room.

The TV and all A/V equipment was against the opposite wall of the big couch.

The big couch in front of the window and the sliding glass door.

DURING the TV mounting.  Todd had researched in A/V forums and finally decided on this mount for the 52” TV.  It has good reviews and cost half as much as some other mounts.

Out of the box and reading instructions.

Measuring and leveling carefully.

Our drill died, so we had to borrow drills from our next door neighbor Fred.  Fred ended up coming over for 45 minutes to help!  The big TV definitely needed two people to lift it up to the mount.

Moving all the audio/visual equipment with all the wires was big pain.  That took longer than the actually mounting of the TV.

Clearing the equipment off of the tower.


The TV mounted, the A/V tower moved and everything hooked up, including speakers.  Todd decided to go digital with his CD collection, so all the CDs in the CD towers are mine now.

View from the hallway next to the kitchen.

View from the left side.

The big couch got moved against the wall on the left.

View from the dining table. 

View from behind the kitchen counter.

View from the family room into the kitchen. I love this big room in the house, because it’s so open.

View from the big couch.

Very excited about the new family room.  The only cost of the transformation was for the TV mount.  :)


  1. Oh, the room is way more functional like this! Great job!

  2. somehow the room looks bigger!! love that a simple 'move' could transform a room that much!

  3. I like the sofa moved from front of the fireplace (even if you don't use it it is still nice to look at). Moving the TV certainly created more space.

  4. The new room LO is AWESOME!!! I love the fireplace and it's so nice to make it a focal point of the room. The room looks more spacious and the flow between the furniture looks more practical too ... great job! WTG Todd & Fred! Like I said on Instagram, I bet you held you breath when they first let go of the TV. LOL!

  5. WOW girl what a difference, i LOVE it, i love that your windows and sliding doors are more in view now and create more light in the room.

    Oh and don't even talk about large TV's i have helped Gary with hanging these more times than i care to count and they are HEAVY!!!!!!!

  6. It looks great!! What a huge difference mounting the TV makes.


  7. What a difference a move makes. Mine could use sprucing up if you're available. LOL


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