Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Ran Every Day In July

I ran at least one mile every single day in July.  Sometimes it was very hot, while other times pleasant.  I ran in the morning, I ran after work. I ran at night on the treadmill sometimes, when there was no other time to fit in a mile. Without fail, I ran.

I ended up running 52 miles in July, which is more I’ve run in a month since a couple of years ago, when I trained for and ran the Rock N Roll San Diego Half Marathon. I also walked 12 miles in July. 

I started a group on Facebook and 18 of my friends joined in to exercise daily.  We encouraged each other and cheered each other on.  It was quite fun and we’ve decided to continue with the group after July.

I have to admit that there were a handful of days when I didn’t feel like running, and would not have, had it not for my Mile-A-Day goal in July.  But by the end, I had my routine down and actually looked forward to running in the morning.  I learned that I enjoyed running in the morning the most, followed by the evening after work, but before dinner.  I learned a lot about perseverance, commitment, and consistency.  I also learned that I can indeed run a lot of miles in the month without my right leg IT band hurting.  (It’s a recurring injury for me.)  In fact, my legs haven’t felt this good and this strong in a couple of years.  Running every single day, but not running too much at a time, has strengthened my legs rather than breaking them down. 

This morning I ran the fastest 2 miles I’ve run since 2004.  That, my friends, is something to smile about.  :)


  1. This is so neat. I'm glad you did it after some misgivings at first. And great to learn about the morning, that knowledge will serve you well.

  2. Congrats!! I wish I had the commitment to do this. I really need to start running or doing some sort of exercise because I am so out of shape!! I just don't seem to have the time or really know where to start. I do walk a lot though!


  3. Amazing! You are an inspiration, Christine. :D

  4. You so rocked it last month & I'm so going to rock it this month! ;)

  5. Michelle! You already rocked it in July with your 80 miles, LOL!

  6. Wow! This is so great! I admire you!

  7. Way to go! And that is a really interesting observation about gaining stronger (and faster) without irritating your IT band.
    Here's to continuing fitness in August!

  8. I love this 'do-able' idea....says the 'non runner' 'wanna be runner'...

    Your story of meeting up with your childhood friend brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful that you were able to reconnect.


  9. That is very encouraging! I wish I had the discipline and motivation to do something similar...
    Lovely to have found your blog via Paislee Press.
    Ronnie xo

  10. Nice job! I dont think I've ever worked out for more than 10-12 days in a row, and its usually more like 3-6 before I take a break. Congrats on your two speediest miles! :) :)

  11. You are awesome! Congrats.

    Hopefully I will jump on this soon. I never make it past day 2 or 3. :(


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