Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Mood

The last couple of days I've been in the Christmas mood. I spent a few hours organizing my craft/hobby room. It is a lot neater and organized now than before! I'll show "after" pics when it is totally done. I've also finished creating all our Christmas cards this year. I've got the mailing list done. I've purchased all the envelopes, and created all the cute address labels. I think we're ready to go, and it's only December 3rd!

I'm also hand-making all the gift tags too. I still have to shop for two people, and then I'm done with gifts too! I really think this is a new record for me, to be done so early. I also got some big scalloped circle punches so that I can punch scalloped circles out of Christmas themed scrapbooking papers and make ornaments out of them. I have a few done already and they look really cute.

We had a really nice weekend, even though it rained a lot. Dad and Shelly came down to visit us for the weekend. We watched "Spider Man III" on Friday night. It was okay. I didn't like it as good as the first and second ones. We also played games on the new Wii. Our favorite was the tennis game. We got really into it!. On Saturday we went to lunch at the Fish Market, then we visited the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum. It was very fun.

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Todd cooked some Chinese style noodles with peanut butter sauce on Sat. night, and everyone loved it. They left Sunday after church and lunch at Togo's. We were going to take them to Victor's Greek Cafe, but it was closed on Sundays!

Oh, due to the rain and heavy winds on Friday and Saturday, we lost our HD Dish signal, so we couldn't get most of the HD channels. Todd went up on the roof to check on the Dish, and what did he find? The guy who installed our new HD dish just left our old dish up there on our roof. So when the heavy winds came, it blew into our installed new HD dish, and moved it. So, Todd took the old dish down from the roof, but we didn't have the proper tools to re-align the new HD dish correctly. So, today the Dish service guys came and fixed it. HD channels rock!

In college football news... Our Buckeyes are going to the BCS National Championship Game in New Orleans! Coming into the weekend, the Buckeyes were ranked BCS #3. But #1 Missouri and #2 West Virginia both lost, which is just unheard of except for this very wacky season. So the Buckeyes will face off against the LSU Tigers on January 7th. GO BUCKEYES!


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