Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On the 5th day of Christmas...

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Last Saturday night we went to Todd's company Vistage's holiday party downtown at the US Grant Hotel. Upon arriving, I met many of Todd's coworkers. We got our place-cards and door prizes ($10 gift cards to Michaels and Borders!) and headed into the foyer for cocktails. We each received 2 drink tickets. I got a Cranberry Mojito (red and green, very festive). Todd got a Coke, which was free. So we ended up giving Todd's friends 3 drink tickets. While waiting for the ballroom to open, we stepped into the photo booth for some fun pictures. You can see them a few posts below.

Finally, around 6:15 PM, the doors to the ballroom opened and we heard and saw the live band. The tables were all decorated beautifully.

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I put a special lighting effect on this photo, that's why you see the gold stars everywhere. :)

Dinner consisted of Lobster Bisque soup, Filet Mignon with purple mashed potatoes and veggies, and desserts of raspberry and apple tarts. I enjoyed the filet mignon a lot! After dinner, they had raffles for various prizes, some of which are really big prizes like airline tickets. But alas, we didn't win anything. :( We left around 9:30 PM. I enjoyed meeting Todd's coworkers, after hearing about them for quite a while.


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